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Why Do You Hate Me?;Part 2

Why Do You Hate Me?
By StillScreaming

Part 2

Jenn caressed Bam’s cheek with cold steel, being gentle and careful enough not to cut him. Beads of sweat were running down his face formed because of dis comfort and fear.

With just a quick flick of her wrists the blade could be turned and dug into him before he would be able to know what was happening.

“Jenn...please...” His voice cracked.

Still she didn’t use her voice to respond. Instead she pressed the blade against his lip and pushed slightly in, Bam could feel it sink into his lip and the warmth of his freshly drawn blood run down his whitening face.

The knife was drawn away from his now crimson lips. Jenn flashed the metal before his eyes moving it slowly towards her own lips, which were already a vibrate blood red.

She cleaned the blood away from the stained steal, licking at it like a hungry animal and loving every moment of it. Quickly the knife was spun around and forcefully she pushed it against her tongue, severing
it into two, blood began to pour.

What you would think would of been sounds of painful scream due to what had just been done were only moans instead. She gently stroked her hand across her mouth smearing the substance and then licking it away from her fingers.

The whole time Bam had just been staring at her, wanting to look away, but yet wanting to watch at the same time.

“What the fuck is wrong...”Bam tried to say, but Jenn cut him off by pushing her damp lips against his.

Bam wanted to push away, but the ropes that were holding him down prevented the action of being done. She forced her tongue into his mouth. He could feel her blood filling his mouth...running down his thoart, choking him.

Becoming part of him. When she finally pulled away Bam gasped for air and tried to spit as much of her blood out as he could.

Jenn tilted his head so that his hazy eyes were starring into hers. A state of dizziness took over him, he no longer had control of his body. She would move her eyes and he would move with them...

“Why do you hate me?” Some how he managed to push these words out of his lips.

“I don’t, I love you.” Her low cold voice answered.

She raised the knife that was still tightly grasped in her hand and held the blade against Bam’s throat...with a twitch of her eyes she caused Bam to move his head just a bit, enough that the blade was pushed through his flesh. The knife striked the titled floor.

Jenn arms wrapped around his shoulders and pulled her self onto his lap. Last thing Bam felt was something punch through his flesh...then everything went black.

Why Do You Hate Me?

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