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Why Do You Hate Me?;Part 1

Why Do You Hate Me?
By StillScreaming

Part 1

It had been almost a year now since Bam had broken any plans together in the furture they once craved for. Bam never wanted to end, but Jenn drove him into making the decision.

During the last few months of their long-term relation ship, she changed, day by day she became a new person. A person in which disgusted Bam. She grew very distant and would lay in bed until sun down, keeping to herself.

This was something that Bam thought would pass but it never did. Every night he would wake up without her beside him,every night he would try and wait up for her but always found himself falling back to sleep.

When one of his closest friends told him that he had seen Jenn with another guy, he didn’t think twice about it, everything fit so well together that he didn’t even need to question her. And that was the end of what was suppose to be a happy ending.

“What the hell?”

Bam’s hands wouldn’t move. He didn’t know where he was. He looked around, still nothing came to him.

He eyed his surroundings some more and realised he was in a chair. Shortly afterwards realised he was tied to that very chair.

“Whats going on?”

His shouts filled the empty room. Much like the first time he had spoken, no one answered.

Bam looked around the room again, this time noticing something that he hadn't before. In the floor, maybe a foot away from the chair that was holding him back was a knife.

He knew he couldn’t grasp it, but he instead to get that knife. He prepped his leg muscles, getting them ready to bounce the hair to where the knife was laying.

“Shit...”His legs were tied down as well. Whoever did this, obviously left the knife there on purpose, left it there to taunt him..

After what seemed like hours of trying to free himself of the ropes grasp the sound of a door clicking open filled the lonely room.

Clicking of heals followed. Bam had know clue what
was going on, he hadn’t expected to see who was looking into his eyes, especially not in this situation.

Not after all this time without keeping any contact or in fact showing any kind of sign that it wanted to be kept the slightest bit.

“Jenn?What the fuck?” Bam hissed, watching Jenn bend down and pick up the knife that had been teasing him.

She only responded with a seductive smile as she rubbed the cold steel side of the knife against her extremely pale flawless cheek.

“Jenn...” Bam whimpered, not sure what was going at all.

She didn’t look like her self at all. There was something about her beauty, something sinister about it.

Something had changed, but Bam couldn’t put words to it. She had a dark decor to her, which had never been there before.

Why Do You Hate Me?

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