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All These Thoughts

All These Thoughts
By HyperBandie09/Heather Gray

Jenn picked up the phone.

"Hello?" she said.

"You're gonna die in 10 days!" A dark voice screeched.

"What?!Who are you?!" she screamed,worried.

"Look outside!"*click*

The dial tone began and she hung up.Frightfully she looked out the window.

There was a tall figure only a few feet away.He wore a black robe that covered his black clothes.

A hood was over his face and a few seconds later, he ran off,laughing hysterically.Jenn took a breath, and passed out hitting the floor with a thud.

Hours Later....
Jenn opened her eyes to see Bam,Ryan and April hovering over her.

"What happened?" she asked.

"We came in and saw you laying here...and it scared me." Bam said.

You could see the tears in his eyes.

"Oh my..Will you be okay?I have to go to the store." April asked.

"Yeah.I'll be fine." Jenn replied.

"Man Jenn!Bam was all freakin' out and blubberin'." Ryan laughed.

"SHUT UP MAN!" Bam said.

Still laughing,Ryan walked off leaving Bam & Jenn to talk.

"Baby,I was so scared.I didn't know what happened.What's wrong?" Bam said wiping a tear from his eye.

"I passed out.There was someone that called me-I'm going to die in 10 days!" she started crying after saying this.

"Oh.Don't think about it.They were probably playing a joke." Bam said.

"There was a guy.In the yard.He was wearing all black and-"

"Don't worry.I'll watch you." Bam said.

He swept her up the stairs.Walking into the bedroom he gently set her on the bed.She dazed of into a light sleep.

Later On...
Jenn woke up from her sleep.She closed her eyes hoping to fall back asleep.

All of a sudden she opens her eyes and the black figure is hovering over her.

"6 more days Jenn!Only 6!"The figure laughed hysterically.

He pulled a huge knife from behind his back and started to cut her arm.All she could do was scream.

Suddenly,the door slammed open and Bam rushed in.

"What the fuck is going on?!" Bam screamed.

The figure laughed that evil laugh and jumped out the open window.Bam ran over to Jenn almost in tears.

Jenn was crying and bleeding badly from her arm.April rushed in.

"Call 911!!" Bam yelled.

April went to do so.Bam held Jenn and they both cried.

4 Days Later...
Jenn poured her coffee.She was scared,tired, and worried.Bam and his crew had to go out for a couple hours.

She was left alone.Fear ran through her veins and she had nothing to do.

She sat down to watch TV.Some stupid soap opera was on.Just before Jenn was going to change it,a commercial came on and it had that same figure that was in her room days ago on it.

"Only 6 more days Jennifer!6!"

The commercial clicked as Jenn sat mortified.

2 Days Later...
Bam was back and holding Jenn,but she still was scared.Suddenly she opened her eyes to see the figure behind Bam.She heard him whisper:

A shot rang through their ears as Jenn felt the pain in her leg.Bam screamed for 911 as Jenn cried.All he could do was hold her and he felt so helpless.

1 Day Later...
Jenn sat in the hospital bed.They removed the rusted bullet from her leg.But she still had to stay for a couple more days.

She got up off the bed and walked over to the window.

It was pouring the rain,but something caught her eye.The black-figure stood on the ground 2 stories down but she still heard his words:

"Today's the day Jenn!"

Jenn screamed.Then she felt Bam holding her.

"DID YOU SEE IT?!" she screamed.

"Yes.We have to go.Now." Bam instructed.

They started for the doors and headed for the stairs.As they got through the doorway,they heard the door lock.

All they saw next was the figure and their lives flashed before their eyes....

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