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Evil Thoughts & Smiles

Evil Thoughts & Smiles
By HyperBandie09/Heather Gray

Jenn took the news hard.

It had been 3 days since she found out Bam was cheating on her.

That image swept out of her head as the Vodka flowed down her throat.

'Damn.That was the last of it.' Jenn thought.

Just a couple minutes later,she passed out.

Jenn finally woke up.There were no lights on,so she stumbled to the bathroom.

As she flipped on the lights,she gasped when she looked up in the mirror.Her eyes were puffy and red,tear-strung cheeks and dark circles under her eys.

Then laster on,as she cleaned up,she had a thought.She smiled evily, and worked it all out.

"I wanna thank you for letting us have dinner and talk things out.", Bam said as Jenn pulled up her chair.

"Oh your welcome.So how are things?" she asked politely,smiling evily as she sipped wine.

"Oh fine." he told her.

"Will you do me a favor?Go to the counter and unglue that penny?It got stuck there this afternoon." she asked him smiling at him sweetly.

"Uh.............sure.............." he said.

As he got up,he figured it was a weird request, but he did it anyway.

He turned his back to get it and all he heard next was,
"See you in hell bastard!"

Jenn stabbed a screwdriver into his back 22 times and watched his lifeless body fall to the floor.She sat down and continued to eat until April walked in with Ryan, and Raab.

She gasped and started to cry as she picked up Bam's body.April screamed at Jenn as Raab stared motionless.

Jenn just smiled and walked off.


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