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If Only;Chapter 1

If Only
By The Original Pippie

Chapter 1
Oh man he looked at me. Ok just keep cool, breathe, and move slowly. I don’t think I’ve ever seen eyes so pretty, so blue. I love blue especially that shade. He looked at me again. This time he smiled.
Oh man that smile of his is just… I’m getting shivers down my spine. Ok I’ve got to get a grip on myself. Just because he invited me over here doesn’t mean anything. He invited other people here today too. It’s no big deal.

I’m probably looking like a complete idiot right now, standing here in this corner, quivering and giggling timidly every time he looks in my direction, let alone speak to me.
I hope I didn’t blush too much the last time he came up to me, asking if I was having a good time. I just about melted into the wall when his hand brushed against my thigh as he walked away. I know that wasn’t intentional but it made me so excited, just knowing that he touched me.

I don’t know what it is about him, but I just feel so intimidated, overjoyed, overwhelmed, and almost turned on by him every time he even glances in my general direction. I don’t know why I always put myself through this every time I’m near him, every time I see him, every time I hear his voice.
I know I’ll never be able to be as close to him as I want to be. I’ll never have him no matter how much I want him. And I want him so badly; sometimes it hurts how much I want him. But I could never let him know how I feel. There’s no way he would even understand. God why must he do this to me?

As I watch him walk over to his girlfriend, I stick my sweaty hands into the pockets of my jeans. I just stand there staring at him, and hope that no one notices. He sits down on the leather couch and laughs that great laugh, while flashing those beautiful white teeth.
Man is there nothing on his body that isn’t perfect? Even that mole next to his nose shines of perfection. Some people would consider that mole to be a flaw, perhaps his only flaw, but not me. I adore it.

I move my hand over to graze the swelling through the thin cloth of the pocket. My pants are starting to feel a little snug as I continue to fondle myself. I have to tear my gaze away from his body once I catch a glimpse of it; that little peak of black ink etched on his smooth skin under his shirt was enough to tease me more. The sight is becoming too much for me.

Please don’t look at me. Please don’t notice the fact that I have a hard on forming in my jeans from just watching you across the room. I just can’t take it.

I actually came out of my lonely corner and I head for upstairs. I enter the bathroom, close the door behind and lock it. At first I stand there, hunched over the sink, hoping that the moment would pass. But that image of him sitting on the couch laughing with his girlfriend remains on my mind.
I guess I am just imaging that it was me next to him. How I want to know what it is like to be his girlfriend. I wish that for once I could take over her body, just so I could do everything I ever wanted to do to him.

I keep my eyes closed as I move over to the toilet. I then put the lid down before I take a seat. It is hard to undo my pants, partly because my hand is shaking. My hands push my pants down as hard as they can, allowing my hard dick to spring up easily.

I bite my lower lip as I wrap my hand firmly around myself. In my mind I am grabbing hold of his hard pink prick. I wonder how he would react to my touch. Would he let out a deep-throated groan as I tenderly jerked him off? I have to hold back my own groans at the mere thought of the sounds he would make.

I can feel myself growing warmer in the palm of my hand with each firm jerk. I arch my neck back as I desperately try to control my breathing. My dick is beginning to throb as I jerk it harder, faster. If only he was in here with me, even if he just stood there watching me. If only he would be here right now so I could taste his soft lips and whisper in his ear. If only I could hold him in my arms right now. Oh God.

I am shaking as I feel the warm, sticky liquid fill the palm of my hand. My cock has softened a little and it just fell forward. My eyes have cracked open as a sit here trying to catch my breath. As I manage to stand up, I pull my jeans up with my clean hand and make my way over to the sink. I let the water run for a moment before holding my hands under it.
After washing the fresh cum off, I dry my hands with the towel that hangs on the rack behind me. Slowly I fasten my jeans and hold onto the doorknob. I have to wait a second before I can turn the lock, just to get my dirty images of him out of my head. I take a deep breath and open the door, and then I start to make my way back downstairs. I just hope no one finds out what I just did in Bam’s bathroom.

Now at the bottom of the steps, someone touches me on the shoulder. I look over to see who it is, praying that it isn’t Bam. I don’t want to get turned on again.

“Oh it’s just you Raab.” I say with great relief.
“Bran where have you been this whole time?”
“I uh… I was in the bathroom. Why?”
“Oh just, Bam wanted to talk to you. I don’t think it’s a big deal.”

Great. He wanted to talk to me and I was upstairs giving myself pleasure. That’s all I need now.

If Only

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