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Life Partner III:Tears of a Clown;Chapter 5

Life Partner III: Tears of a Clown
By The Original Pippie

Chapter 5

“Bam?” Phil asked, bringing Bam back to reality


“Do you take Branden…”

“Oh…I…” he looked down at his engagement ring again and then turned his eyes back up to look Novak in the eyes.

“I… do.” He finally said softly,

Phil looked at Jess.

“Jess the rings?”

Jess pulled the rings out of his pocket and handed them to Bam and Novak.

“Now Branden repeat after me. With this ring I be wed.”

“With this ring I be wed.” Novak said as he slid Bam’s wedding band over Bam’s finger

Phil continued and then looked at Bam.

“Now Bam, with this ring I be wed.”

Bam’s hand shook a little as he held Novak’s wedding band in his hand.

“With this ring I be wed.” he slid the ring over Novak’s finger and smirked.

Phil continued as the two of them held hands again.

“Now I pronounce you beloved husbands. You may now kiss.”

Novak and Bam smiled at each other and dropped their hands. They then wrapped their arms around each other and kissed while the others looked on.

Later that night…..

Novak un-tucked his shirt and began to unbutton it. He looked at the bed and saw that Bam’s wedding clothes were all ready thrown hastily on top of the covers.

“Aw Bam, you didn’t let me watch you change!” He said with a groan

“What?” Bam asked from the hallway

“I said you didn’t let me watch you change.”

Bam poked his head in the door.

“Oh I’m sorry Novy. I didn’t know that it meant so much to you.”

“Well of course it did.” Novak walked over to the door and pulled Bam into the room by his hand.

He then placed his hands on Bam’s hips, drawing him in closer to his body.

“It would have been the first time I got to see you naked as a married couple.” He said before giving Bam a kiss.

They pulled apart and Novak continued taking his shirt off as Bam watched.

“At least I get to watch you get naked.” Bam said with a smirk

“Why are you dressed like that for? You normally don’t wear that much for bed.” Novak said, referring to Bam’s complete outfit.

(Nearly complete. The only thing that was missing was his shoes)

Bam tugged at his shirt.

“I don’t know. I…”

“I guess it doesn’t matter. It’s all going to come off any way.”

Novak went behind Bam and laced his arms around his waist. He then kissed Bam on the top of his head, moving slowly down his neck.

“Nov stop!” Bam said with a slight giggle.

“There’s that adorable giggle that I love so much.”

“Seriously stop!” He said while pushing Novak away. Novak was upset until he saw the smile on Bam’s face.

“I have to go to the bathroom first before we do anything. Don’t want me to piss my pants in the middle of it, do you?”

“Ok. But make it quick.”

“I’ll go as quick as I can. You just stay over on the bed
and wait for me, ok?”

“Ok. Please hurry back.”

Bam looked back at him before stepping out the door. Novak walked over to the bed and sat down to wait. After a few minutes of waiting, Novak was impatient.

“How long does it take to take a fucking piss? This is ridiculous.” He said as he stood up

Novak left the room and headed for the bathroom. He saw that the door was slightly cracked open.

“Bam what are you doing? Fixing your make up?” He joked

He pushed the door open and looked inside. The room was empty.

“Bam? Ok maybe he went downstairs for some reason.”

He headed downstairs in search of his husband. Bam was no where to be found. Which caused Novak to worry.

“Where’d he go?” He asked out loud to himself once he reached the kitchen.

He could feel his worry turning into panic. Tears began to form in his eyes as he feared the worst.


He walked over to the key hooks and saw that the keys to the Lamborghini were gone. His heart sank into his stomach and his panic worsened. He searched around him, hoping to find a note or something, any thing that would explain Bam’s disappearance as an innocent last minute errand.

Something on the floor near the entrance caught his eye. He held his breath trying to hold back his tears. He then collapsed onto his knees once he realized what he was looking at. Bam’s wedding band and engagement ring lay on the floor. Novak stared at the rings with his eyes burning from the tears.

He looked up at the door that had not been closed all the way and then back at the rings. His bottom lip trembled and he could no longer control his tears. He held the sides of his head and rocked back and forth a little, bawling Bam’s name.

Life Partner III:Tears Of A Clown

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