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Life Partner III:Tears of A Clown;Chapter 4

Life Partner III: Tears of a Clown
By The Original Pippie

Chapter 4

Jess came downstairs and walked over to where Phil stood by the fire place.

“Where’s mom and Novak?” he asked

“April is giving him a last minute talk. As soon as they’re out here, someone should tell Bam than we’re ready to
start when he is.”

“Ok. So you look nice. Like a real minister.”

“Thanks. And I am for the time being. We’re you up there talking to Bam?”

“Yeah we had a moment.”

“He’s really excited about this, isn’t he?”

“He’s kind of nervous, but he seems happy.”

April walked Novak into the room and smiled as he took his spot by Phil.

“You look really handsome Novak.” She whispered to him

“I guess I do clean up good.” He laughed as he tugged at the bottom of his jacket

“Is Bam upstairs?” Asked April

“Yeah, I think we’re ready to start, Ape you should go up and get him.”

April nodded her head with a smile and headed up to Bam’s room. The three guys stood there for a few minutes waiting, and wondering when, or if, April was going to return with Bam.

“I have to say that I’m starting to get worried.” Said Phil as he took a look at his watch.

A few more minutes had gone by

“Don’t worry, maybe she’s just giving him a talk… you know about what he should expect on the wedding night?” Said Jess, patting Novak on the back

A couple moments later April came back down the stairs and stood in the entrance of the room. She gave them a smile and then looked behind her.

“He should be just a second.”

The four of them looked toward the room’s entrance where Bam was supposed to be coming from. Novak held his breath for a second as he tried to wait patiently for Bam. April looked out of the room again.

“Come on Bam!” She whispered loudly and waved her hand in a “come here” motion

Bam slowly approached her with his head down. It appeared that he was half way in between smiling and crying, and he almost looked to be blushing. He stood next to her, still with his head down, and held his arm out for her. She hooked her arm through his and grinned.

“I’m ready.” He said softly.

“Ok let’s go.”

As the two of them started walking up to the fireplace, Bam lifted his head. His eyes sparkled and he smiled once he saw Novak.

He let out a short sigh, thinking he was about to cry again. He decided that he was going to contain himself and get this over with. Bam gave April a kiss on the cheek as he let go of her arm.

“I love you mom.”

He said softly before standing next to Jess, his best man.

“Bam Bam you look handsome.” Novak whispered to Bam with a smile

The ceremony started with Phil reading something from the Bible he held in his hands. Bam and Novak were told to face each other and hold hands. Phil asked Novak the typical wedding vows.

“I do.” Novak said without any hesitance

As Phil asked Bam the same vows, Bam was looking down at their hands. His eyes turned to his engagement ring and his stomach began to churn a little. He swallowed a couple times, hoping that it would calm his stomach.

He almost didn’t hear Phil finish. Bam, unlike Novak, hesitated before he answered, In fact it seemed like an eternity before he even worked up to giving his answer.

“I…” he paused and swallowed again.

“I…” he squeezed Novak’s hands and looked at his engagement ring again.

He knew that they were all holding their breath waiting for his answer, any answer.

Life Partner III:Tears of a Clown

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