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Life Partner II:Afterglow;Chapter 1


Life Partner II: Afterglow
By Pippie

Chapter 1

April pulled into the driveway and then walked up to the house carrying a brown paper bag in her arms. Bam ran over to the door and greeted his mom with a smile once she walked in.

“Oh!” She laughed “Nice to see you too, Bam.” She said a little surprised.

Her smile quickly turned into a nervous frown.

“Wait, what do you have planned now?”

“Nothing! I’m just happy to see you.”

“Oh… ok… nothing’s going to blow up or break or make a big mess or anything is it?”

Bam shook his head with an innocent expression.

“No, mom, I swear. I really wasn’t planning on doing any thing.”

“Ha!” She laughed.

“That’s a first.”

“Seriously. Here let me help you with those groceries.”

He said as he took the bag from her arms.She stopped and looked at him half in shock.

“Well this is very surprising. First you say that you don’t have some kind of prank planned, and now you actually want to help me? What on earth have you done with my real son?”

Bam laughed as he sat the bag on the kitchen table. He turned back around to face April and his smile shone even brighter.

“I’m still the same Bam I’ve always been. I’m just happier.”

He walked away over to the open door.

“You got more bags in the PT Loser, I assume?”

“Um… ye-yeah. But I can get them.”

She was taken aback by his sudden bout of politeness
“No it’s ok, I’ll get them Ape.”

“No really.What? Do you have the real Bam bound and gagged somewhere? Believe me, this new Bam is a delightful surprise, but where’s my son?”

Bam laughed April’s last comment off as he walked out the door. He came back in carrying two more bags of groceries and sat them on the table.

“So Bam I couldn’t help but notice a bounce to your step, and that you’ve been smiling since I walked in the door.”

“Yeah? So?” He began unpacking the groceries from the bags and putting them away

“Just a few weeks ago you seemed pretty depressed over your latest break up with Jenn. Now I see you, and you’re all happy, and cheerful, and… it looks as though you’re blushing.”

He looked down into one of the nearly empty bags and his cheeks became redder.

“I… I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Bam, you’ve met someone, haven’t you?”

“How did you know?”

“A mother knows. Besides you’re making it pretty obvious. So… who is she? Any one I know?”

“I don’t want to say.” He looked down and bit his lower lip with a grin
“You must really like her. How did you two meet?"

“I… well yeah this person is great. We’ve… we’ve just known each other for a while and… I don’t know… things just sort of fell into place. This relationship is pretty special.”

“Oh? How come I and Phil haven’t met this person before?”

“Well things are going really good between us, and we’re still taking things really slow. We’re just waiting for the right time.”

“That’s a switch from when you were seeing that Melissa girl after the last time you and Jenn broke up.”

“Yeah Missy and I moved pretty fast. But I wasn’t looking for the type of relationship that I have now, at that time. I just wanted to have fun with Missy.”

“Well I just hope this new relationship lasts this time.”

“Oh, I think it will. I… I haven’t been this happy in a long time. Actually I don’t think I ever was quite this happy with some one before.”

“It definitely shows.” She put an arm around him and hugged him “I’m so happy for you Bam.”<br>“Mom, I… I seriously think that I’m falling in love. I mean for… for real this time.”

“So soon?”

“Yeah I mean I’ve never had a relationship like this before… I’ve never experienced a feeling quite like this before… I just feel happy all the time. Well happy doesn’t even begin to describe it. Is… is this how you felt about Phil when you realized that you loved him?”

“Oh Bam!”

Her eyes began to tear up and she wrapped her arms around his shoulders.

“I guess you’re really not my little boy any more.”

“Ape, I’m twenty-six years old and you’re just now realizing this?”

“No… no I’m just still trying to let go. So are you going to get married? Going to give me more grandkids soon?”

She asked as she pulled away from him

“Ape calm down. I just realized how I feel about them, and we’re taking this really slow. Marriage and kids… well I just don’t see that happening yet. It would be nice, but just not yet. Also if you want more grandkids you’ll have to talk to Jess about that until I’m good and ready.”

“Well… ok. It’s good that you’re taking it slow, but don’t go too slow.”

Bam grinned and nodded “Yeah sure April.”

He reached out and hugged her tight.

“Have you told this girl how you feel yet?”

“No… not yet. But I will soon.”

“I know I’ve all ready said this, but I’m so happy for you Bam.”

“Thanks. I knew you would be.”

‘I just hope you’re still happy for me once you find out who I’ve been dating.’

Life Partner II:Afterglow

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