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Life Partner;Chapter 4

Life Partner
By Pippie

Chapter 4

The window had been left open all night and the air had suddenly become very cold, causing him to shiver.

He brought a hand up to his eyes and rubbed the sleep out of them before reaching for the blanket to burrow beneath it. Something tugged at the blanket from the other side, so he tugged back.

“Jenn I need the blanket, I‘m freezing.” He grumbled

A hand reached over and pushed Bam in the side firmly

“Jenn cut it out and please let me sleep.”

“Bam! Move over, you’re causing my arm to fall asleep.” He nudged Bam off of him.

“And stop calling me Jenn.”

“Oh sorry Novak I’m not awake yet.” His eyes popped open and he jolted up in bed.


“Just chill out Bam! It’s not like we did any thing.”

Bam calmed his breathing and placed a hand to his chest

“Oh yeah… sorry I forgot that I slept here last night.”

“It's no problem. Just as long as you don’t make a habit out of it.”

‘Unless you want to.’

“Don’t worry, I wasn’t planning on it.”

Novak chuckled with a grin as he crawled out of bed.

“Well I gotta take a leak. You can stay in here if you want, or whatever.”

“Thanks, but I was only in bed with you to sleep, and now I’m awake.”

He placed his feet on the floor and stood up.

“I really appreciate you letting me do this.”

“Don’t mention it, buddy.” He turned and left the room, leaving Bam standing in the room alone.

Much of the morning and some of the afternoon had gone by and the two housemates had started their day to their best abilities. Neither of them spoke to each other about the events of the day before, or even the way that the two of them had spent their night.

It seemed a little awkward for Bam whenever he was near Novak. Every time he saw him he got a weird feeling in the pit of his stomach; the kind of feeling he would get whenever he was keeping something from someone, only they both knew this secret.

Hearing the water from the shower turn off, Bam knocked on the bathroom door.

“Do you think I could come in for a minute?”

The door opened a few seconds later and Novak let Bam in. He held the towel that was loosely wrapped around his waist with one hand.

“Sorry, I had to cover up first.”

Bam raised an eyebrow.

“Since when is Nudie Novak concerned about covering himself up? Besides it’s not like I would be able to see anything if you didn’t have the towel.”

The two of them both turned toward the mirror. Novak reached for his comb at the same time that Bam was about to pick up his electric razor.

(Both objects rested right next to each other on the counter top) Their hands grazed each other and they pulled away.

“Sorry, just need my razor and then I’ll leave. I can go to the other bathroom.” Bam said, trying not to blush

“No it’s ok I don’t mind you being in here.”

Novak looked up, catching Bam’s eyes. He grinned softly as he noticed a glint of what appeared to be shyness in the pools of blue. He ran the comb through his wet hair and looked away from Bam.

He began to watch Bam in the mirror as Bam turned the razor on and brought it up to his face. He couldn’t help but notice Bam’s expressions on his face and in his eyes change as if he were trying to concentrate on his many thoughts.

He thought that Bam looked cute with the look of almost uncertainty that befell his face, and wondered if Bam noticed him staring at him.

He put his comb back down on the counter and turned away. Before leaving Bam alone in the bathroom, he held his hand out and gave Bam’s butt a pat on the cheek.

Bam nearly dropped the razor into the sink once he felt it, but managed to compose himself. He turned to face Novak in order to ask him why he had done that, but Novak was all ready gone.

The corner of his mouth turned up into a half smile before he looked back into the mirror. He brought a hand up to his face and lifted his chin up to see if he missed some spots while he was shaving.

Suddenly as he looked at himself he felt something that he hadn’t felt in a while. It was a strange feeling that started out in his stomach and then caused his nerves to tingle.

He couldn’t believe that he was starting to feel this way, and thought that maybe it was just his imagination, but still he couldn’t help but smile to himself.

He looked toward the open door and gazed out, almost hoping that he would see Novak walk by. His heart began to beat faster as he started remembering the night before and his smile grew a little more.

He remembered how good it felt to be sharing a bed with someone again, and to have someone hold them until he fell asleep, and it made him feel good knowing that the person who was sleeping next to him was one of his good friends.

He had always felt a closer connection with Novak than his other friends, but now since he had been going through this thing with Jenn and the aftermath of their breakup, and everything that he confided in with him, he thought that he could trust him with anything. But with the past day he sensed a closer bond to his live-in friend.

Bam shook himself out of his thoughts and then walked out of the bathroom. He didn’t know what he was about to do, but he knew that he had to find Novak. He looked into the rooms and sighed quietly in disappointment to himself once he saw that Novak wasn’t in either of those rooms.

“Bam, you looking for me?” Asked Novak from inside his room

“Um… yeah… sort of.”

“Well looks like you found me. What do you want?”

“I uh…” he felt just like he did when he was asking if he could sleep there with him.

He was so nervous and embarrassed, and hoped that it wasn’t showing too much.

“I… I just wanted to see what you were doing today.”

“Well I have no money so I can’t do anything today. So it looks like I’m staying in. Unless of course you wanted to go out somewhere.”

“No, no I’d rather stay in actually.”

“Fine by me.”

He looked at Bam and mentally wrapped his arms around him just to see his face light up.

“So… anything else you wanted while you were in here?”


He lowered his eyes for a second as he tried to think about what to do. He then brought his hand behind his head and ran his fingers through his hair.

“I just… I want to show you just how much I appreciate you being around to help me through this whole thing. I don’t know what I’d do if it wasn’t for you. And I…”

He looked at him again and finally noticed just how good looking he was. He just wanted to reach out and hold the sides of his face in his hands and just stare into his eyes.

He didn’t know what had come over him, but he liked this new feeling. Bam stepped forward and placed a hand on Novak’s arm and smiled.

“You’re… you’re a good friend.”

“Thanks. I do what I can.”

Novak placed his hand behind Bam’s back and brought him closer. He then licked his lips and leaned in so he could touch Bam’s lips with his own. Once they stepped apart from each other Bam looked at Novak with a sparkle in his eyes.

“W… why did you do that for?”

“I could tell you were wanting to kiss me, and I knew that you were going to chicken out. So I took charge.”

“Oh. I…” Bam turned his eyes away and wanted to do something but couldn’t bring himself to actually do it.

“It’s ok Bam.” He patted him on the arm.

“Just take your time.”


Bam took hold of Novak’s shoulders, bringing him in for a hug. He began to move his head so it could rest behind Novak’s head, but stopped once he was nose to nose with him.

He clasped his hands together behind Novak’s shoulders and placed his lips on his, only this kiss was a little longer than the one he had received. Novak placed his hands on Bam’s hips and swayed him slightly as they kissed.

Life Partner

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