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Life Partner;Chapter 3

Life Partner
By Pippie

Chapter 3

He turned over in his bed for the third time in a row within the past five minutes. His blanket he had pushed down off of him and pulled up around him repeatedly, but he still could not get comfortable enough to sleep.

The conversation he had with Novak earlier that day was haunting him. His eyes opened and he frowned to himself before sitting up. Maybe Novak was right; maybe he would feel better if he “experimented” as Novak so kindly put it.

Bam didn’t want to think about it, bit it was all he could think about.

He looked over to the vacant spot in his bed and realized that, that was another thing that was keeping him up these past nights.

As long as he could remember, he felt the need to have someone or something in bed next to him whenever he had something on his mind when he was trying to sleep; the feeling of wrapping his arms around something beside him, or having that something around him, always helped him to relax better.

Even the fact of knowing that something or someone was there beside him made him feel better. Now he was trying to sleep and his comfort was missing.

Bam placed his feet on the floor and gazed into the darkness of his lonely bedroom. He didn’t want it to come to this, but he knew that he wouldn’t be able to get any sleep any way if he didn’t do it. He held his breath for a few seconds and let it out fast.

Making his way down the dark hallway, he slowly walked up to one of the other bedrooms. He nervously held his loose fist up to the door to knock and then lowered it again.

Closing his eyes he then held his hand on the doorknob. He turned the knob and cracked the door open, peeking inside the room. It was dark in the room but he was still able to see the sleeping form on the bed.

“N…Novak?” He whispered.


Novak stirred in his bed and then sat up. He yawned and scratched his head as he drowsily looked toward the door.

“Is that you Bam?”

Bam stepped into the room and clasped his hands together in front of him while looking down at his feet.

“Yeah I uh… I…”

“You couldn’t sleep?”

“Not at all. This is going to sound ridiculous but um… could you… do you think that maybe I could…”

“Come here.” He answered with a chuckle in his voice

Novak pulled back the blanket and waited for Bam to join him. Bam slowly walked over to the bed. He felt like he was a little kid again, wanting to get in bed with his parents after having a bad dream. He was a little embarrassed but he needed the comfort at the same time.

“It’s ok Bam, I won’t hurt you.”

“I know, I just… I never thought that I’d be doing this.”

“You don’t have to you know.”

Bam took a couple more steps forward and then sat on the bed. He brought his legs up and curled up onto the bed next to Novak. Novak neatly laid the blanket over top of Bam and closed his eyes. Bam closed his eyes and sighed.



"This is weird, but thanks for letting me do this."

“It’s ok.” He yawned

“Hey Novak?” Bam asked after a minute of silence


“Could… could you maybe hold me or something?”

“What? Why?” he was a little taken aback by Bam’s question

“It’ll help me to fall asleep.”

“Ok. If it will help you sleep.”

He placed his arm over Bam and waited until he fell asleep. After a couple minutes, he felt Bam’s chest rise and fall and heard the slight sounds of Bam’s peaceful slumber. This brought a content grin to his lips as he was able to go back to sleep with his arm still around Bam.

Life Partner

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