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Strange Days & Dark Nights;Chapter 6

Strange Days & Dark Nights
By The Original Pippie

Chapter 6

Ryan and Raab rushed into the house to find a still trembling Jenn standing there.

“Ok Jenn we’re here. Now what do we do?” Asked Raab

“I-I don’t know what to do.” She admitted with a shaky

“Ok well let’s not panic. First let’s do something about Dico. Where did you find him?”

“He was in the bedroom on the floor.”

Ryan nodded and hurriedly went upstairs to check. When he came back his face showed puzzlement.

“Hey Jenn? Where did you say you found Dico’s body?”

“I told you, he was on the bedroom floor.”

“Well did you move him or something?”

“No I was down here after I found him. Why?”

“His body is gone.”

“What? That’s impossible!”

Jenn ran past him, up the stairs and into the bedroom. They followed her into the bedroom and saw her standing there confused.

“Where in the hell did he go?”

The park was filled with darkness. Bam sat on the ground beneath a tree and looked into his lap. Draped over his legs, sprawled out seemingly lifeless, was Brandon’s body. Bam ran a hand over Brandon’s head, smoothing out his hair.

Brandon’s eyes fluttered open and he gazed up toward the stars in the night sky. His vision was slightly blurred and doubled, and suddenly what seemed to be two of the same face came into view. The two faces came into one and he was able to tell whom it was.

“B-Bam?” He tried to sit up, but the invisible force pushed him back.

“Shh… take it easy. You’re going to be all right now.”

“Where am I? What happened? I feel like I was hit by a truck or something.”

“I’ll try to answer your questions as best as I can. First of all, we’re in the park.”

“How did we get here? The last thing I remember I was at your house looking for you in your room.” He said as he managed to sit up.

“I brought you here. I’m sorry about the way I had to do it, but I needed to feed on someone.”

“Wait, hold on. What the fuck are you talking about?”

“Bran I know this will be a lot for you to handle right now, shit it was a lot for me to handle. I swear I’ll try my best to explain everything, but all I can say now is you’re like me now.”

“What do you mean I’m like you now? Like what?”

“You’re not going to believe me, but you will come the morning, hopefully sooner. Which reminds me, we’ve got to get out of here and get somewhere safe. The sun will be coming up soon.”

Bam stood up and looked down at Brandon. Brandon slowly took to his feet, trying to figure out what was going on. He figured that he had no choice but to go along with whatever Bam told him to do, if ever he was going to know what was happening, what had happened.

“Where are we going?”

“Hell if I know, Bran. But we can’t be out here anymore. It’s too risky.”

“Too risky? What? Bam you better tell me what the fuck is going on!”

The moon passed part way behind a cloud which cast a shadow over Bam. The only thing that could be seen on Bam’s face was his eyes, and they now had an eerie bright red glow to them.

“H-Holy shit!” Brandon said with a gasp.

“Bran this is what I’m trying to tell you. You’re like me now, a night crawler. Now hurry your ass up we have to find shelter before the sun rises.”

Brandon was shocked and confused but he followed Bam anyway. About an hour later the two of them crawled through the entrance of a large cave they discovered. The inside of the cave was a lot more magnificent than the outside suggested.

There were thick, hard walls of rock that led into deep caverns and tunnels. One tunnel that they took brought them to a beautiful underground cove that was perfect for living in. The space was lit up by millions of glowworms along the walls and ceiling, with their light reflecting off the water.

Bam and Brandon stood back in awe taking the sight in.

Bam looked at Brandon and smiled.

“Bran this will be our new home. We have to come here every morning before dawn.”

“Our home? Bam what’s going on? I admit this place is beautiful, but why do we have to live in a cave? And why do you keep saying we have to be back here before the sun comes up?”

“Bran would you calm down?” he sat on a smooth, flat rock and waited for Brandon to do the same next to him. “Trust me, this cave is the best place for us to be, to protect us.”

“From what?”

“From the sun, from the people… Look Bran, I said before that you’re not going to believe me but you have to for your own good.” He paused and tried to sort out his thoughts.

“You don’t remember what happened for a very good reason… I killed you.” Brandon’s eyes widened with fear and disbelief.

“I know you must be wondering ‘if this fucker killed me, then why am I still here talking to him?’ Well I’m not crazy and talking to a ghost, Bran. I… I’m a vampire and
I needed to feed so I killed you.”

“Hold on Bam. You’re a vampire?” He laughed.

“Right. You’re a vampire and you sucked my blood. Now that makes me a vampire too, right?”

“Laugh if you want, Bran, but it’s the truth. After killing you, I knew I couldn’t live in my house with everyone else any more, so I left. Then I couldn’t just leave you there so I went back and brought your dead body with me. Don’t ask me how I managed to do it without Jenn or anyone else noticing me. But I brought you to the park where I knew no one would fine me and…”

“And that’s when I woke up. Oh man this is really happening isn’t it?”

“I’m afraid so.”

“So… if you needed someone to feed off of, why’d you pick me?”

“Well, I didn’t want to find some random victim, and after my attempt at draining Jenn, I promised that I wouldn’t go after any of the three of them. I needed blood so bad, and I also needed someone who could relate with me so I could keep some kind of sanity during this. I heard you downstairs and… well you know the rest now.”

“They… they know about this?”

“About me being a vampire? Yeah they pretty much had to. But they’re the only ones who will ever know about this, and they’re probably looking for us.”

“If they know, then why can’t we stay at your house?”

“We just can’t. I made a promise to them that I wouldn’t go after them for blood, but that is a really hard promise to keep when I’ around them all the time. I’m just barely getting used to my cravings an now you, you just became a vampire and you don’t know how to control your cravings yet. It just wouldn’t be a good idea to be there. You understand?”

“Not really… everything’s happening so fast.”

“I know. I’m getting more used to it everyday. Now we’ve got each other, helping each other get through this. It’ll be hard at first, but this is our life from now on.”

Bam gazed around them, watching the glowworms on the walls of the cave. Brandon shook his head and covered his eyes with his hands. He tried to cry but his eyes were no longer able to produce tears.

“This is so fucked up Bam.” He said with his voice muffled from his hands.

Bam placed a hand on Brandon’s back.

“It will be ok. Just trust me. Everything will be ok as long as we stick together.”

Strange Days & Dark Nights

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