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Strange Days & Dark Nights;Chapter 4

Strange Days & Dark Nights
By The Original pippie

Chapter 4

It was hard and awkward having to break the news to Ryan and Raab, but since they lived in the house with Bam and Jenn they had to know.

They of course didn’t believe it when they told them, but decided to go along with “the joke”. Everyone, for Bam’s sake, had to make sure to keep even the smallest amount of sunlight from coming into the house.

They even had to get used to the fact that Bam wasn’t going to spend much time with them during the day unless it was indoors.

If they wanted to go out and do something with Bam, they had to do it after the sun went down. That wasn’t that big of deal to them though, until they discovered that this vampire business was no joke.

There was a few times they had to help Bam fight his blood cravings while out in public, and it wasn’t easy. Bam needed blood and he wasn’t getting it. That was possibly the worst thing for a new vampire to have to deal with.

Jenn was in the kitchen washing the dishes while Ryan and Raab lounged before the television in the living room. Bam left the bedroom after having one of his daily naps, and made his way downstairs.

He stopped half way down and noticed that it seemed a little brighter than it should have been.

“Yo!” He called.

“There better not be a curtain open!”

“Oh sorry Bam.” Ryan got up and walked over to a window to close the curtain.

“We forgot that was open.”

“Why’d you open it?” Bam asked as he walked away from the stairs and to Ryan, “Were you trying to kill me?”

“No we opened it after you went upstairs to rest. Jenn was complaining about one of her plants needing sunlight.”

“Well Raab if the plant needed sunlight then stick it outside. You know we can’t risk having sunlight inside. Even the slightest bit could hurt me.”

“Sorry Bam. We’re just not used to…”

“It’s ok. Just be more careful next time.”

Bam went into the kitchen and snuck up behind Jenn. He placed his hands neatly around her waist and put his chin on her shoulder. His cheek brushed against her neck, causing her to back away some.

“Bam you need to shave.”

“I know. But it’s hard to shave when you have no reflection.”

“This really has been a strange thing to get used to, hasn’t it? My boyfriend’s a fucking vampire. And I don’t mean one of those people pretending for fun either, I mean like one of those old horror movie type of vampire.”

“Are you fucking another vampire behind my back? I knew it!” He teased.

He grabbed her by the sides, tickling her, and then playfully nibbled on her neck without the use of his fangs. She pulled away laughing.

“Bam! That gives me the shills when you do that!”

“But Jenn I need your blood.” he chuckled as he grabbed her again.

The glass that Jenn was washing slipped from her hand and broke into the sink.

“Damn it! Bam look what you made me do!”

Bam licked his lips as he looked down at her hand. A piece of the glass had cut her palm and blood began to ooze out.


“Jenn you’re cut.” He said while focusing on the blood.

Bam held her hand and bent forward so he could reach it with his lips. He tasted the blood and then began to suck on her palm. She pulled her hand away from his mouth and took a step back.

“Bam what are you doing?”

He lifted his head to face her again and there was a crazed look in his eyes. A little bit of Jenn’s blood rested on his bottom lip and he ran his finger across it, picking it up. Then he licked the blood off of his finger while keeping his dark glare on Jenn.

“I need more.”


Her eyes widened in horror as she slowly backed away from him.

“Your blood. I need more.”

He grabbed hold of her and threw her against the side of the counter. His eyes were wide and he exposed his fangs with a hiss and leaned in towards her neck.

Jenn screamed, causing Ryan and Raab to rush into the kitchen. They pulled Bam away from her and pinned him to the floor.

“Jenn go upstairs we’ll take care of Bam!” Exclaimed Ryan

“What are you going to do to him?”

“Don’t worry we wont hurt him unless we absolutely have to. Now you go upstairs.”

“And take care of your cut so he’ll stop smelling your blood.” Raab added.

Jenn went upstairs as she was told while Ryan and Raab tended to Bam.

It took a while but they managed to bring Bam out of his blood-induced frenzy. The craving was still there but it wasn’t as strong, and he didn’t show that there was still a need for the red liquid.

Jenn came back downstairs once it was safe and Bam apologized for allowing his craving to get the best of him. He sat on the couch and leaned his head back.

“Guys I know you’re going to hate me for saying this, but I need to drink someone’s blood, and I need to do it soon.”

“Bam you can’t!”

“Like hell I can’t! You have no idea what not having blood is doing to me. If I don’t get some blood I could die.”

“Aren’t vampires technically dead anyway?” Asked Ryan.

“Not exactly. Vampires are actually… undead.”

They looked at Bam like he just said the more insane thing ever.

“Don’t you know anything from those movies?”

“Yeah but we didn’t know any of it was true.”

“It’s exactly how it is in the movies as I’m finding out. Like I said vampires are undead… not quite dead and not quite alive. But we need human blood in order to survive. If we don’t get it then…”

“Bye-bye vampire.”

“Bye-bye Me.” he sat up and looked at them with pleading eyes.

“I really need someone’s blood. You must let me have it.”

“Not from us! No way dude!” Said Raab in protest.

“No not from you. But from some one.”

“Bam you’re right. It’s wrong for us to keep you from… Drinking blood.” She cringed on those words.

“But remember, the person you bite will become a vampire as well. You’ve got to be careful about this.”

“I know, Jenn, I know. But I really have no choice but to live this way.”

They were silent for a moment.

“Hey if everything in the movies is real, then does that mean Bam can turn into a bat?”

“Yeah Raab and then I’ll fly after you and get stuck in your hair and shit.” Bam rolled his eyes.

“This thing is weird enough without me turning into a bat, which I highly doubt will actually happen.”

“What makes you so sure?”

Bam picked up a throw pillow and hurled it at Ryan, hitting him in the face. They all started laughing.

Strange Days & Dark Nights

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