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Strange Days & Dark Nights;Chapter 2

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Strange Days & Dark nights
By The Original Pippie

Chapter 2

Bam crept into the bedroom and peered through the darkness at the sleeping form in the bed. He didn’t want to disturb her, so he turned and slowly left the room. Quietly he closed the door and went into the bathroom.

He turned on the faucet, filling the sink with lukewarm water, and began to wash his face. Lifting his head he gazed into the mirror, watching the eyeliner run down his face.

Then after wiping his face dry, he removed his black t-shirt and tossed it to the floor. Reaching up, he ran his fingers over the top of his shoulder. There were two round scars on his shoulder.

They still had a slight red tint to them and the resembled a snakebite, only larger. As he stood there examining his scars his thought back to what occurred to him on night over one week prior.

Almost as soon as they entered the bar, they got a feeling that something was going to go down. They hung out having a good time for a few hours. The usual crowd was there that night, but there was one guy there that no one recognized.

He had a freaky, gothic appearance; pale almost white skin, long black hair tied back in a pony tail, thick layer of black eyeliner and black lipstick and nail polish, black clothing that included thick-soled leather boots and a long almost trench coat style cloak.

Bam got the chills every time this guy glanced in his direction. He didn’t exactly know what it was, but something about the guy didn’t set right with him.

The guy in black came up to Bam and his friends, and sat uncomfortably close to Bam. Bam tried to ignore the guy, even when he started talking shit about him. The guy just wouldn’t leave Bam alone, and when Bam finally had enough of him the fight broke out.

The two of them were brawling on the bar floor, with everyone else standing back cheering them on. Bam suddenly jumped up, grasping his shoulder.

“That fucker just bit me!” He exclaimed as his friends were holding him back.

His friends immediately took him home. In the car on the way back to Bum’s house, they were laughing and talking about the fight.

They were even joking about the other guy, calling him a vampire.

“Bam, didn’t he bite you?” Dico asked.

“Yeah right on my shoulder.”

“Oh man now you’re gonna turn into a vampire just like that dude!” Laughed Ryan.

“Sure Dunn. I just hope that guy didn’t give me rabies or any thing.”

He came out of his memory, feeling sick all over. He began to shake and sweat and had to sit down.

“No. No, there’s no way.” He said as he closed his eyes, trying to block out the very thought.

“No that’s crazy. That guy wasn’t a real vampire. There’s no such thing.”

He felt like he wanted to throw up, but he didn’t have enough strength to drag himself over to the toilet.

“This isn’t really happening. I’m not turning into a vampire. It’s all in my head.”

He said once the sheer pain took over his body.

Bam sat there on the floor, hoping that the moment would pass, and trying to talk himself out of any weird vampire thoughts.

He crawled into fetal position and lied there shaking for a long time. When he opened his eyes again, he had no idea what time it was.

Some one was pounding on the door, which made him realize that he must have fallen asleep.

“Bam you in there?” came Raab’s voice through the door.

Bam pulled himself into sitting position and dazedly gazed at the closed door. He rubbed his eyes before he made an attempt to speak.

“Y-yeah.” His voice cracked.

“Dude have you been in there all night?”

Bam slowly stood up, feeling sore and stiff all over.

“I guess I have, Raab.”

He walked over to the mirror and stared at his reflection.

“Are you gonna come out? I have to go.”

“Give me a minute.”

He wasn’t sure what he just saw in the mirror when he spoke, so he had to take a closer look. He hooked his finger under his top lip and pulled it away so he could see his teeth.

His eyes widened and he jumped back once he saw them.

“What the hell?” He asked quietly, hoping that Raab didn’t hear him.

He looked again at his teeth and sure enough he saw them again; two of his upper teeth had grown into fangs.

Strange Days & Dark Nights

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