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Occult;Chapter 10

By Bagel_Bitch

Chapter 10

The light faded and was replaced with manic laughter.

'Jenn' laughed.

"Fools!" She cried. "Now you'll never get her back!"

April gave her an almighty whollop!

She hit the ground hard, blood trickling from her nose.

The milky white cloud began hovering around the room.

"What is it!?..." Asked Novak.

"I have no fucking idea" Came the response from a startled Bam.

The little cloud grew smaller, the sound of crying could faintly be heard.

"Is that coming from the cloud?" Raab, reached out his hand, slowly the little cloud floated by him.

"Woah!...Freaky!" Raab jumped away.

"What!?...What!?" Exclaimed the others.

"I think...I think that's Jenn."

Bam walked over to where the cloud was gently floating, it whisped past his ear.


Bam's eyes whelled up.

April picked up the bottle which was now lying on the floor.

She studdied the lettering carefully...Her latin was rough but she could just make out the inscription/

Ithinway isthay ottlebay aymay ouryay oulsay ecomebay ymay

"Within this bottle may your soul become my prisioner" She began

Aymay ouyay ebay amnedday orfay allway eternityway

"May you be damned for all eternity."

Iway anishbay ouryay oulsay otay ethay eepestday epthsday ofway

"I banish your soul to the deepest depths of hell."

Atwhay iway antway iway allshay aketay omfray ouyay

"What i want i shall take from you."

Anishedbay omfray ifelay aymay ouryay oulsay otnay aveltray onway.

"Banished from life may your soul not travel on."

enwhay allway allowshay eveway arrivesway ouryay atefay isway

"When all hallows eve arrives your fate is sealed."

April looked up. Bam and the guys were still stood there, slowly stroking the little cloud, which had decreased in size even more.

Phil walked over to her and placed a hand on her shoulder.

"She's gone Phil." April whispered.

"How do you know?" Phil wiped away a tear that had formed in April's eyes.

"She killed Jenn and imprisoned her soul within this bottle, we can't get her back....It's too late."

April and Phil hung there heads in shame as the chime of the clock struck 12 on all hallows eve.

The little cloud dissappeared.

"where's she go?!" Bam asked, sounding franctic.

April and Phil looked at each other, could they bare to tell there son that his love had gone? Damned to spend the rest of eternity in the rotting depths of hell?

"She's gone Bam." Phil broke in.

"Heaven?" Bam's bottom lip trembled.

Phil nodded.

"What about her?" Asked Rake who had recoverd. He stood over the body of the imposter.

Bam walked over to her slowly, she stirred as she came round again.

"Bam?" She smiled and reached out her hand.

Bam took her hand and began to lead her upstairs.

"Bam!" Hissed April. "what are you doing!?"

Bam turned and lifted his shirt up a little, exposing a steak knife he had consealed.

April's eyes grew wide with fright.

But before she could act the body of Jenn fell to the ground and landed in a heap upon the floor.

Blood oozed from the wound.

Everyone looked at Bam, who was standing at the edge of the balcony...His face was empty.

Just like his heart.



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