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Occult;Chapter 9

By Bagel_Bitch

Chapter 9

After a while Phil and April ventured out of the bedroom.

Wearily they made their way downstairs.

What they saw made them want to vomit.

Bam and 'Jenn. He was holding her so tight, all the guys were around them also, happy faces filled the room.

All that is, except for two.

Phil nudged April, who reluctantly put on a smile and joined the happy group.

"Stupid cow was pranking us!" Bam cheered.

"Bloody good though." Novak replied.

The rest of the gang nodded in agreement.

"Please guys, i need air!" 'Jenn' struggled her way free out of the intense grip that was around her.

She turned to April and Phil.

"Aren't you pleased I'm back." She smiled, waiting an answer.

Phil and April did nothing but glare.

"Jeez...What the fuck is the matter with you two!?" Bam exclaimed.

"Nothing." April snapped back.

"We're just tired." Phil smiled nervously,then taking April's hand he tried to lead her toward the bedroom, April was having none of it.

She shrugged Phil's grip loose and stood her ground, still glaring at the impostor.

"Come on Ape." Phil tried once more to get her to move.

No luck, the anger inside April had made her feel strong.

Her muscles taut and her mind set, April was determined not to be the one that was going to leave.

'Jenn' Approached April with open arms.

April reached behind her and took out of her purse...The contents of the hidden drawer.

Phil gasped.

The guys...Looked uneasy.

Bam looked angry.

"She's not Jenn!" April's voice boomed throughout the house.

'Jenn' stopped in her tracks, fear and anger raged up inside her.

"Mum...Don't. She 's back now." Bam held out his hand.

April laughed.

"That's not Jenn. We saw her change." April mocked.

'Jenn' Stood there paralyzed..

April nodded furiously.

"Yep, me and Phil both saw what she did in that bedroom...She laughed, she mocked, she ATE!"

With that April emptied one of the plastic bags onto the floor.

Raab covered his mouth, he could feel the vomit rise in his throat.

"And that bottle..." April continued.

"There is something in there, it's helping her look like the real Jenn."

'Jenn' Clutched the bottle within her hand.

"I..It's...I'ts nothing, honest." She stuttered.

Phil had, had enough.He grabbed the bottle had ripped off the lid.

A strange milky white light began to shine.

"Holy shit!" Rake exclaimed, before passing out on the floor.

Everyone starred at the sight that befell their eyes.


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