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Occult;Chapter 8

By bagel_Bitch

Chapter 8

The skies and turned grey and the wind blew cold around castle Bam.

From within their hiding place, both April and Phil watched 'Jenn' hoping that she would not find them.

April hid here eyes as the creature posing as her future daughter-in-law ruffled around the chest of drawers.

She picked up one of the plastic bags and smiled a smile so cold and cruel.

"They're beginning to suspect, time to turn on the charm." She smirked to herself.

She tore open the bag with her teeth.

A round blooded object fell into her hands.

Phil coverd April's eyes abd his mouth as he watched her play, covering her neck and face with blood, gorging as she did.

When she had eventually eaten she placed everything back into the drawer.

Except one thing.

Phil and April had never seen this item before, even when they had been searching through the morbid collection.

It was a black bottle, so finely detailed with gold writing.

Inside the bottle a little faint glow appeared.

'Jenn' Laughed.

"Having fun?" She morbidly chuckled.

She threaded the little bottle round a chain and hung it from her neck.

From with the closet they watched as her hair went from red to brown, her voice changed back, and her eyes transform from emerald green back into sky blue.

Downstairs a voice boomed.


It was Bam.

Phil had to lock hold of April, in order to stop her from leaping out and attacking 'Jenn'

"He'll think she's back!" April hissed.

"But if she finds us here, we've no chance of keeping him safe." Phil grunted.

The newly formed Jenn stood up, tuck a lock of brown hair behind her ear and waltzed out of the bedroom.

"Coming bam." She called.

She closed the door, still giggling to herself as she did.

When it was safe Phil released his grip on April.

The pair fell out of the closet and onto the florr with a thud!

"We have to stop her!" April cried, tears reforming in her eyes.

"I know we do" Phil reassured her.

Outside the sky turned black and the sound of thunder was all that could be heard.


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