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Occult;Chapter 6

By Bagel_Bitch

Chapter 6

April tried so hard not to scream.

Her body was trembling and she felt so ill...But despite all that she gatherd up enough courage to peer into the drawer onc more.

There were 3 books, a board, a journal of some kind.

And 5 plastic bags, stained with what looked like blood.

April shakily pulled on a pair of rubber gloves...She didn't want to, she felt like she had to.

first she picked up one of the books...It had a grey leather front with some kind of inscription carved into it and a gold clasp. April opened the book, inside there were strange symbols and sayings.

April stroked the page, it felt rubbery. slowly she removed one glove and ran her hand over it again...It felt.


April dropped the book back into the drawer, replaced her glove and picked up the journal.

It had no writing on the front, she opened it up and breathed a very short sigh.

The writing inside was english...It was Jenn's handwriting.

May 12th
I had the same nightmare again, it felt as if someone was trying to steal my soul.
Steal who i am.
The screaming is clearer than when it first began.
I've done something wrong.
Or so i'm lead to believe.
I don't understand what though.
I wish i could talk to Bam about this, but i'm afraid he'll laugh.
What am i to do?

April sighed and turned forward a few pages...She noticed that the handwriting had changed.

She stopped and resumed reading.

October 22nd
I finally have him.
He's mine now for good.
All my hard work is unfolding.
She was never going to be good enough for him...NEVER!
But she can no longer interfere with our love.
Our love which was meant to be.
I hope she stays damned.
I hope she's in pain.
I hope she can feel every bit of anger and heartbreak that i have had to put up with!
Only a few more days now.
Until i make him mine.
For all eternity.

April closed the journal and hid it within her pocket.

Just then she noticed a shadow upon the wall.

Someone was behind her.

And they weren't happy.


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