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Occult;Chapter 5

By Bagel_Bitch

Chapter 5

It had been a few weeks now.

Bam, Ryan, Dico and Raab in fact almost everyone had noticed that Jenn had changed.

Her eyes her now a emerald green, she now wrote with her left hand instead of her right, her voice had changed and yesterday. Bam caught her dying her hair violent flame red.

The pressure was rising within the group.

The guys stayed out most nights and wouldn't return until late the next night. Eating out instead of staying in.

Going for walks instead of shooting pool and drinking beer.

Bam had even begun lying about his health, just so he didn't have to feel her cold clammy body next to his at night.

He couldn't take it.

Whenever he saw her...Those eyes, he wished he could just rip them out from the sockets they lay in and demand that she change back.

To him...Jenn was dead.

One morning April was doing her weekly clean-up of the guys bedroom.

Whenever she approached Bam and Jenn's room she shivered.

She cleaned it anyway, she got down on all fours and got rid of any rubbish and unwelcome smells.

But there was one smell that botherd her the most, it was so strong...So pungent.

Yet she couldn't for the life of her find where it lay hiding.

"I swear i'll go mad if i can't rid this place of that fowl stench." She gagged.

Just then April caught the smell of something...Something worse than the smell she already hated.

It came from Jenn's side of the bed.

Slowly April approached Jenn's cabinet, hoping that whatever making producing the smell was not alive, or had been alive.

She searched through each and every drawer...Nothing.

She banged her fist against the dresser, furious that an odour had outsmartened her.


"Huh?" April bent down to where the bottom drawer was, something inside...No BEHIND the drawer had clicked opened.

"Oh god!" April threw hersef away as the smell over-powered her.

Placing a hanky over her mouth April peered inside the hidden comparment that had been revealed.

April's eyes grew large with fear at the sight that lay before her.


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