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Occult;Chapter 4

By Bagel_Bitch

Chapter 4

The sun shone brightly, the air was cool and the birds sang sweetly.

Why then was Bam standing in the kitchen looking so gloomy?

He had been up since 5AM. He slowly wandered round the house, randomly picking up pictures.

Just then Jenn came bouncing down the stairs.

"Morning!" She ran towards Bam and jumped into his arms before kissing his forehead.

Bam starred at her for what seemed hours, something was different.

Something was wrong.

"How are you?" He asked slowly bringing her down to earth.

"Fine...Why?" Her eyes twinkled in the sunlight.

"No more nightmares?" Bam asked "No marks?" He tugged at her clothes.

"Marks?...Like out of 10!" She giggled

Bam's face stayed as stern as ever.

"Oooh, Cheer up grumpy." She picnched his cheeks before running down stairs, almost knocking Ryan over.

"Woah! Steady there girl!" She and Ryan had a quick laugh and went their seperate ways.

Ryan walked over to Bam who had made his way towards his editing room.

"Hey." Ryan said raisnig one hand as a sign of 'hello'

"Mmm..." Came the grunted reply.

"What's eating you?" Ryan asked pulling up a seat next to his friend.

Bam sighed and rubbed his eyes.

"Oh...Probably nothing...Just."

"Just..." Ryan urged him

"Last night...Jenn had this god awful nghtmare, I mean she had cuts all over her as if she were being murdered."

"Yeah..." Ryan sat on the edge of his seat and sipped his drink.

"But...Now she's fine. No Cuts. No nothing, something's different about her...I just can't tell what."

Bam begin clicking through some random pictures on his computer.

"Woah!...Stop!" Creid Ryan

Bam froze the picture that was on the screen, it was a close-up of Jenn from one of the video shoots for CKY.

"OK...You say something is different about her right?"

Bam nodded.

"And you think it's because she has no marks? No cuts?"


"Bam?..." Ryan started to ask.


Just then Jenn knocked on the door.

"Breakfast!" She brang in 2 plates of eggs, bacon, french toast and beans.

"Uh...Thanks" Both the men replied, almost in unison

"Ok, gotta go...Going shopping!" She squealed as she skipped out of the room and up the stairs.

Bam and Ryan looked at each other.

"Bam?....Doesn't Jenn have BLUE eyes?"


"So why, just then did she have..."

"Green eyes?" Bam finished.

Ryan nodded.

"Contacts?" Ryan said "Maybe she's wearing coloured contacts."

"She can't wear contacts." Bam looked back at the picture on the screen.

Both Ryan and Bam sat there for a minute...Occasionally looking at each other and then at the picture on the screen.

A cold wind blew inside the room, chilling both men to the bone.


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