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Occult;Chapter 3

By Bagel_Bitch

Chapter 3

Bam wrestled violently, tryint to free his arm from Jenn's grip.

"Hey...hey" Jenn grabbed his other arm and pulled him close.

Bam began to calm down, sweat dripped off his forehead and down his neck.

"What's wrong?" Jenn asked. Tilting her head to the side slightly and smiling sweatly.

"What the hell was that!?" A shaken Bam stammered.

"I had a nightmare that's all." She giggled tucking a lock of hair behind one ear as she did.

Jenn let go of Bam, he sat there and watched as she repositioned herself, trying to get comftable again.

She looked over, a wide beaming smile appeared on her face.

"Come on..." She insisted "Everyone, including YOU needs beauty sleep." She patted the empty space beside her.

Uneasily Bam climbed back into bed.

Jenn leant over and kissed him goodnight, her lips were cold and clammy...But that wasn't what was bothering Bam.

Bam lay awake for as long as he could, just incase she had another nightmare...She didn't.

Bam's eyes were closing and his body began to shut down for the night...He let out a yawn and snuggled back down into the covers.

Bam re-opened his eyes, confusion filled his face.

He looked over at Jenn, she was sound asleep.

Bam gently peeled back her night-top.

The blood that had soaked the bedsheets was gone.

And so were Jenn's wounds.


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