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Bad Blood;Chapter 11

Bad Blood
By Bagel_Bitch

Chapter 11

Bam sat upright in his bed...That smell?

I couldn't be...Could it? Slowly his grip on Nikki's pillow loosened, he gently slid off the bed and pulled on the nearest pair of trousers.

Placing his hand on the door handle, he closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

Was it her? Bam couldn't quite tell, his heart beat began to race and the hairs on the back of his neck sttod up in excitement.

When he ventured out, darkness was his only companion. He changed in order to see clearly in the dark.


Bam covered his eyes as all the lights came back on, for a moment he was blinded...But slowly his eye-sight came back into focus.

Something was wrong...Someone was dead.

On the far side of the room a large curtain hung...Bam had never seen this curtain before, but whatever was behind ir was also the cause of the smell.

In the middle hung a small golden tassle, Bam grabbed hold of it and gave it a sharp firm pull.

The sight that lay behind the curtain made Bam gag.

For there hanging in a row were his friends and family...all of them April, Phil, Bran, Ryan, Raab and Novak.

Bam starred up at the horrific display before him, he winched at the sight of their tattered remains.

In the middle hung an empty meat hook with a small label attachted to it.

Bam walked up to the label, one side was blank and on the other it read...



Bam turned round and was met with an almighty flash...when the purple haze had cleared from his vision in the centre of the room standing next to a tripod there stood Nikki.

Although her hair was white and her lips a dead blue he knew it was her...Her scent over-powered his senses.

His eyes widened with excitement, his eyes changed from golden amber back into deep sea blue and his fangs disappeared.

Nikki did not display such affection, instead she merely stood her ground, the only colour that could be detected was her blood stained clothes.

Bam did not care about this...He ran towards her and flung his arms around her body.
He pulled back as her coldness chilled his bones.

"Nikki...You're freezing" Bam exclaimed tears filling his eyes.
"Come on let's get you warmed up" He gently began rubbing her arms.

Nikki did not obey, but neither did she strike Bam...She wanted to rip his heart out but at the same time wanted him to hold her as he had previously done.

"Nikki?...Come on baby." Bam tugged at her arm, trying to pursuade her to follow him.

Nikki followed as Bam led her into the bedroom, Softly Bam placed her on the bed and began to rumage around drawers looking for something warm to dress her in.

When Bam turned round he almost head-butted Nikki, who was stood only inches from his face.


Before Bam had a chance to finish his sentence, Nikki had grabbed him by the throat and threw him across the room, he landed with a THUD! on the bed.

Bam tried desperatley to fight back, but found it useless...Nikki had already pinned him to the wall.

"I killed your family..." She began. "And your friends...So why aren't you mad?" The tone in her voice was as dead as her.

"I...I don't care." Strained Bam, trying as hard as he could to try and get some air to his lungs.

"You're not mad that i killed everyone close to you but you'd rip my flesh to pieces and then leave me out in the freezing cold in a pool of my own blood?" She growled and tightened her grip around Bam's neck.

"YOU TELL ME YOU LOVE ME...MAKE ME THIS, THIS MONSTER AND THEN LEAVE ME TO DIE!" She screamed and thrusted a chunk of raw meat into Bam's face before tearing at it with her fangs.

"COME ON BAM! AREN'T YOU HAPPY!? ISN'T THIS WHAT YOU WANTED ME TO DO!" She threw him away from her...He smashed into the wardrobe.

Bam lay there dazed, before he had time to recover Nikki had picked him up again...She carried him to the grand table and threw him down upon it, she straddled him and with one hand pinned both his arm above his head.

Tears streamed down Bam's face, they were quickly intercepted by the blood which was escaping from the deep wound on his head.

"Time for a family reunion." Nikki growled.

She placed her free hand on his shoulder to stop him squirming before biting down upon his chest...She tore at his flesh with such rage.

Bam cried out in pain...His cries did not last long. Soon Bam found himself flying across the room once more.

This time he had time to recover.

When he had made it to his feet, the first thing he saw was Nikki...Crying.

She had curled herself into a ball and was gently rocking back and forth...Just like when she had witnessed Bam and the others feed that night before he had transformed her.

Slowly Bam made his way towards her...Placing one hand on her back he pulled her close to him and began craddling her in his arms.

Nikki looked up at him...Her eyes bloodshot from the tidal wave of emotion that had consumed her.

Bam tucked a lock of hair behind her ear, he then stroked her bloody cheek and kissed her...He then looked her in the eyes once more before claiming.

"I love you."

Nikki let out an almighty screech and hurled Bam against the wall, she clawed at him furiously.

"NO! NO! NO! NO YOU DON'T, YOU DON'T LOVE ME...You can't love me!" She broke down in tears again.

Bam panted heavily, shaking from the amount of deep slashes that now covered his body.

"YOU CAN'T LOVE ME! YOU DON'T LOVE ME! You can't...Love me...You...Don't...Love....Me"

Nikki began violently clawing at herself, ripping out her hair and tearing at her own skin.

Bam lept towards her and wrestled her to the ground.

The pair led there...Bam panting and Nikki crying, both of them bleeding.

"I do love you...I do." Bam pleaded.

When he was sure that Nikki had calmed down enough, he picked her up and carried her in his arms, back towards the tree house.

He settled her in the corner, then cuddled up next to her, holding onto her tightly, he kissed her again and again.

"No more pain?" Nikki sniffed, cuddling up into Bam's arms.

"No more pain...I promise." Bam tilted her head up to his and for a final time kissed her.

The night air began to freeze everything it touched.

Including Bam and Nikki...Frozen together, lovers throughout life, together forever in death.


Bad Blood

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