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Bad Blood;Chapter 10

Bad Blood
By Bagel_Bitch

Chapter 10

The night was young, just like Novak's lastest accomplishment. The pair giggled as they played footsie in the jacuzzi.

"Damn babe, you're the most beautiful thing i have EVER seen!" Novak tickled and teased the obviously easily pleased young women making her giggle uncontrollably.

Pretty soon, the two began to get hot and heavy in the bubbly spa.

A bikini top landed at Nikki's feet...She was only a mere few feet away from them, her mouth filled with saliva as her hunger grew more intense.

She should've been quiet...She shoud've waited, but now Nikki had no patience for anyone or anything anymore...She grabbed the women's head and thrusted it under the water.

Novak looked at...Hie eyes widened with fear.

"What's the matter Novak?..." Nikki taunted, she pulled Novak towards her and ripped out his tounge with her teeth, by now the women had stopped struggling.

Novak raced towards the back door, blood spewing from his wound.

He didn't get far before Nikki pounced him.

Upsatairs Ryan and Raab were playing pool.

"You hear something?" Asked ryan looking up from his game.

"Na...It's just Novak, you know how the guy is now quit stalling!" Raab shoved Ryan towards the pool table.


"What'd you do? Lose your balls!" Laughed Raab.

"No!" Snapped Ryan.


"What is that?" Ryan's voice began to sound shakey.

"Cats?" Raab's voice was none the braver.


Slowly the pair made their way to the top of the stairs that led down to the pirate bar...The pair jumped as the lights suddenly went off.

"Go take a look." Raab shoved Ryan.

"No way!...You go!" Ryan shoved Raab back.

Just then Rake had decided that now was a good time to emerge from his room.

"What you guys looking at?" He said peering over the top of them.

Both Ryan and Raab looked at one another.

"We were just saying who should be the one to get the next round of beers." Ryan smiled.

"Hey..." Raab chirrped "How about you Rake? I mean after all you look mighty thristy."

Rake shrugged and made his way down the dark stairs.

Ryan and Raab listened closely, they heard him open the fridge, then close it, fumble about for the bottle opener, then...Silence.

"Rake?...Buddy?" Ryan called down to him.

A faint gurgling sound could be made out.

"Haha! Good one, now come back." Raab's smile faded quickly.

As the pair stood at the top, they did not notice that they were not alone...Someone else had joined the party.


Ryan and Raab froze...The stench of blood over-powered their noses.

The pair looked at each other, nodding in unison on the count of 3.They turned to face...An empty room.

Raab sighed.

"Close one eh Ry?...Ryan?" Raab spun in circles, Ryan had gone.

"RYAN!?" Raab yelled, fear clearly present in his voice...Soon Raab's foot struck something, he bent down to try and feel what it was, it was bulky and warm and had...What felt like a beard!

The clouds outside parted, allowing the moon to shine.

Raab jumped back in horror...But before he had time to scream, someone grabbed him.

Upsatairs in his room, Brandon was talking to April and Phil, all three were crowded around Bran's laptop laughing at a picture Bran had found on the internet.

The bedroom door creaked open.

Phil was the only one to turn...He squinted into the darkness, if he had changed into vamp mode he would've seen her...He would've smelt her.

But he didn't...None of them did, as far as they knew she was dead, still frozen in a puddle of her own blood outside in the tree house, what did they have to fear?

Of course they didn't realise...Not until she had started to feed.

The grounds of Castle Bam had turned into a scene from a slasher movie.

Bam lay peacefully in his bed, still curled up clutching Nikki's pillow.

All of a sudden Bam's eyes shot open.

It wasn't because he heard the screams, nor the creak of the floorboards.

It was because of something else...

Bad Blood

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