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Bad Blood;Chapter 9

Bad Blood
By Bagel_Bitch

Chapter 9

Winter had settled early over the town of West Chester, Icicles hung down from lamp posts and the sound of children laughing filled the air.

Not everyone was happy though.

Bam lay alone for the 3rd night in a row now, he mourned for his love and he was drowning in his own guilt.

Flashbacks of that night flooded his memory, her refusal to drink blood and to let him help her had driven him too far, he let his anger comsume him.

He remembers tearing up the tree house, then turning on her.

Bam winched and coverd his face as he remembers clawing at her smooth skin, then leaving her in a pool of blood.

He thought she'd come back, if not to beg for forgiveness then to try and rip his throat out.

3 Nights had pasted and still he was alone...He had thought about returning to her side for hours, but the others barred his way, saying that it was not right.

Was she still there? Was she still alive?

Bam curled up into a tight ball, holding close to him her pillow which still carried her sweet scent.

Outside the cruel winter wind had gatherd speed and began howling through the land.

No-one was to be seen, everyone was indoors...All except for one.

Nikki lay there, her body and wounds coverd by a thin sheet of ice...Her hopes for death had not been fulfilled.

Nikki lay there wishing that the cold would finish her off...That it would end this suffering, this pain.

This pain that had been caused by a man, a monster that had claimed to love her.

If he loved her then why had be left her there...Slowly Nikki's anger begin to bubble up inside her. Was she really to blame for not wanting to devour helpless pathetic women that were easy to lead astray!?
Was it her fault that she did not want the joy of submerging herself in her victims blood!?

Those thoughts seemed like heaven to Nikki, after all it was in her nature now...But her humanity had held her back.

The humanity that he was supposed to of replaced with this animalistic nature...Surely he was too blame!?

No...Not just him, all of them.

They were all against her, she could see it now...All the plotting and scheming they had done behind her back...They had never wanted her to be one of them, they wanted her to become another mantel-piece orniment.

As Nikki's delusional anguish built up inside her, the more alive she felt.

Nikki broke free from her icy tomb, she stood there and glared up at the house with skin a morbidly pale colour, hair as white as snow and lips as blue as the cold midnight sky.

She closed her eyes and took deep breaths before licking her lips in hunger.

Over in the distance, Novak was preparing to pamper both himself and a lovely young women he had met in a bar with a nice hot dip in the jacuzzi.

He did not realize the danger in which he was in.

Bad Blood

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