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Bad Blood;Chapter 8

Bad Blood
By Bagel_Bitch

Chapter 8

The stars had faded and the wind, died down.

Shivering with terror and frozen with fright, Nikki huddled in the corner...Blood splatters marked her pale and frail skin.

Never had she seen anyone so blinded with rage, never had she experienced so much violence and destruction within one person.

She shivered and starred...Starred at the remains of Bam's volcanic out-burst.

Now he seemed to have calmed down, he knelt on all fours, his breaths deep and heavy.

Nikki dare not move...She feared that if she did, she'd end up like the small bag that Bam had offered her, the bag that now lay in tatters across the tree house walls.

Soon, the faint sound of laughter broke the silence.

The lads had returned, girls hanging off them like christmas decorations.

A slight growl emerged from Bam's direction...While he had been paying all his attention to Nikki, he himself had not eaten.

Nikki's heartbeat quicken rapidly...Her mind raced with morbid Illusions.

The growl grew louder.

Nikki prayed that it might be his stomach, she prayed for him to leave and join the others.

Her prayers fell on deaf ears.

Nikki closed her eyes, tears streamed down her face.

The growling did not fade as she had hoped...Instead it grew louder and more hungry.

She flinched as a solitary finger ran over her cheek...She tried to hide her whimper as it sliced her skin.

The wound produced little blood...That was all to change.

Fighting back would not help, but Nikki tried her best to tense her body shut, it was her best protection.

Her cries and pleas fell on a broken heart...And soon the only sensation she felt was her own blood escaping her body.

She lay there in a pool of her own blood...She watched him leave, leave her there to bleed. He didn't speak and he didn't look back.

Nikki lay there...cold and alone.

She knew the bleeding would stop...She prayed for the bleeding to stop.

Screams howled in the distance...Nikki envied them so much, there pain was diminutive.

Her heartbeat fell and her breathing slowed, Nikki closed her eyes.

Hoping that this time, she would not wake-up.

Bad Blood

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