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Bad Blood;Chapter 7

Bad Blood
By Bagel_Bitch

Chapter 7

The house was full of commotion, just as it had been in the beginning.

She watched them play and she watched them feed...She did this every day and every night...By day she's join in the games, make jokes and crack a few beers with the boys.

But by night, she's find any excuse to escape...Every night Bam would come find her, no-matter where she hid...No matter how far she ran.

He'd come, he's reach out to her to join them, to find victims, to find food.

And every night she'd make an excuse not to go...Not to feed.

She wanted to...She felt the hunger grow inside her, but the thought of killing someone, her humanity held her back.

Bam had noticed, so had all the others.

As hard as he tried, Nikki refused to join the frenzy, he tried bringing her criminals saying they had to die, he tried squeezing blood into a glass so it seemed less barbaric...He even tried feeding her through a kiss, but she's always pull back once the blood had transferred from his lips to hers.

His anger grew as her strength weakened...Why she was refusing who she now was made him want to rip her throat out.

He'd never do that though...He knew it, and so did she.

It was another late afternoon, the guys grew tired of playing and became restless for night to arrive.

"How much longer" Whinned Novak as he paced up and down.

"Not much...Calm down!" Bam snapped back.

"Calm down, not my fault you got a stupid-ass girlfriend who won't feed." Mumbled Novak throwing himself into a chair.

Bam glared at Novak, which made him squirm, then made his way towards his bedroom where he as sure he'd find Nikki sleeping.

"Come on Novak, it's not like it's you're going hungry." Chortled Brandon as he sunk the black ball into the corner pocket.

"Yes!...Pay up ass-wipe." Brandon held his hand out to a pissed Rake.

"I'm sure you cheat." Accused Rake, reluntantly handing over a $20 bill.

"I'm sure you cheat, woo woo woo!" Taunted Brandon, waving the $20 in Rake's face before placing it in his pocket.

"Would you shut up!" Boomed Bam's voice, as he returned.

"She not coming...Again?" Asked Ryan, who had been playing cards with Raab in the corner.

"She's not there...again." Grumbled Bam "Now shut-up."

The group fell silent, Bam stood near the centre of the room and took deep breaths, finally he stopped and headed towards the kitchen.

The group followed, they admired the fact that no-matter where Nikki went Bam could always track her down by scent alone.

Bam continued and flung open door that led into the back garden.

"Garden hmm...? At least it's a new location this time." Raab smirked.

"Yeah...Usually she'd hide in one of the bedrooms or a bathroom." Scoffed Ryan.

The lads laughed through panted breaths, they were half-way down the huge back-yard that was Bam's garden.

Finally they came to the foot of 'Eddie's tree-top casino'

"Well?...She here?" Asked Novak impatientally.

Bam took another deep breath...A sly smile spread across his face.

"Yeah...she's here."

Bam started to climb the steps up into the tree house, sure enough sat in the far corner with a blanket wrapped round her was Nikki, cuddled up into a tight ball sleeping softly.

"Why is she in denial about what she is now?" Asked Ryan

"No idea." Came the sad reply, as Bam quietly made his way over to his slumbering countess.

Nikki stirred in her sleep, she shivered violently as the cold autumn wind ripped through, chilling her to the bone...Slowly her eyes forced their way open.

She hadn't expected the welcome commity.

She rubbed her eyes and snuggled further into the blanket.

"Night is upon us." Bam chirpped, trying to make it sound as if they were about to go pick flowers.

Nikki grumbled and turned away.

Bam sighed and signled for the others to leave.

"Want us to pick you up anything Nikki?" Snorted Novak.

He leaned in close, only a few centimetres from her face.

Nikki shook her head.

"Sure?..." Growled Novak

Nikki whimpered and pulled the blanket up even further.

"Leave!" Ordered Bam, and grabbed Novak by his collar and threw him over the side.

Novak landed with a heavy thud!

The others picked him up and made their leave.

Bam turned back to Nikki, he rubbed his eyes and sighed heavily...Then reaching into his pocket he pulled out a small bag, it was filled with blood.

"How about a little bit?..Just a few drops? It might make you feel better." He offered the bag to Nikki, who simply turned away to face the wall.

Bam's impatience had worn thin, he grabbed the blanket and whipped it away from Nikki...Then grabbed her arm he pulled her close to him.

Nikki starred in horror as his eyes changed from blue into animalistic yellow and his fangs break through his upper lip.

All Nikki could do is tremble, she was too weak to fight back and too scared to scream.

She had no idea of what was about to happen next...But then neither did Bam, his anger had taken control of him.

The moon shone brightly and the stars twinkled...But down below, blood was spilled and an almighty roar filled the air.

Bad Blood

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