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Bad Blood;Chapter 6

Bad Blood
By Bagel_Bitch

Chapter 6

Day had come and the residents of Castle Bam had stirred and risen, except for one.

Nikki lay there with her eyes closed, she wasn't asleep but wasn't ready for what she had to come to terms with.

She felt Bam shifting besides her.

He yawn and stretched out, before collapsing by her side again, he nuzzled his nose into her neck and took an almighty deep breath.

Nikki didn't move, nor did she want to. How could she look at him, knowing that he had made her this horrible creature, a creature that yearned for blood lust.

Bam continued to nudge Nikki, making silly little puppy noises when she didn't respond.

Every now and again he'd give up and rest his head upon her chest.

"Grr...Wake-up." He childlishly grunted.

Nikki obeyed and opened her eyes, he wasn't going to leave her in peace so she might as well just wake up.

"Mmm...Better" He laughed, before playfully nibbling on her chin.

Nikki managed a weak smile...She felt so drained of energy.

For a moment the pair merely lay there, Nikki starred out of the window, Bam starred at her.

"Hungry?" Bam asked.

Nikki turned to him, his eyes were blue and his smile was sweet.

Nikki shook her head, although the true was that she was famished...But how could she eat anything? She lay her head back against the pillow and sighed.

"Just a bit tired." She said

Bam swept back a lock of hair that was hanging over face and kissed her cheek.

"I'll leave you to sleep a little more then."

Nikki forced a smile...But it soon faded.

Outside she could hear the commotion of the lads returning. Soon laughter and the sound of furniture breaking and resumed it's rightful place within the house.

Nikki sighed and placed her pillow over her head as she desperatley tried to isolate herself.

Although she knew it wouldn't be long till he came back.

And she was right...It wouldn't.

Bad Blood

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