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Bad Blood;Chapter 5

Bad Blood
By Bagel_Bitch

Chapter 5

The wind had died down and the moon's brightness had begun to fade.

Nikki lay there...Alone upon the floor, the lifeless body of Trouble the kitten snuggled close beside her.

The figure which had stayed at bay...Stayed away no longer.

He swept across the floor, as if he were gliding on air...Then stood his ground a mere few inches for her...Infact, if he were not to cast a shadow, Nikki wouldn't of known he was there at all.

But he did cast a shadow, it covered Nikki's body and blocked out the moon's remaining presence.

Nikki stirred, her moment's peace now filled with fear and worry...Weary as she was, she tilted her head up, her beautiful hazel eyes hidden behind hours of painful tears.

He lowered his body, so that his idenity wasn't so hidden anymore.

Nikki's bottom lip trembled...It was Bam.

The man she had loved and feared...Flashbacks flooded Nikki's mind, everything she had hoped was all a nightmare was true...The blood-shed he had caused, the choices he had made her face...Their last moment together.

"I never really had a choice did i?" Nikki sniffed, pulling herself up.

Bam looked down and began to play with Trouble's fur...Only occasionally looking up at her.

"Well!?" Part of Nikki's courage had returned..."I want to know! If i had said no, would you have still turned me?"

Bam ran his tounge over his bottom lip as the remaining drops of Trouble's blood trickled onto his fingers.

"ANSWER ME!" Nikki lept at Bam, this time pinning him to the floor.

Bam laughed heartily.

"You were always going to be mine...Whether you found out about me or not." Bam's eyes, which had turned that awful shade of amber that Nikki had loathed since she first saw him feast, seemed to twinkle.

An angry and hurt growl escaped Nikki...Her grasp on his wrists tightened, and began to dig into his flesh.

"Give me one reason why i shouldn't rip your throat out!" Nikki roared.

Bam lifted his head as high as he could.

"Because i'm stronger." He chuckled.

"If you're the stronger...Then how come i'm on top?" Nikki smirked.

Bam's outburst of laughter filled the air...Then just as suddenly as Nikki had jumped him, Bam threw Nikki to one side and pinned her to the cold wood floor.

"Because i always had a thing for horseplay."

Nikki struggled to break free...But it was true, he was stronger.
Bam lowered his body, so that it was directly on-top of hers...Using one leg he pryed open her legs and rested his lower body inbetween them.

"Shh...Don't fight me." Bam whispered in her ear "Now's not the time for violence...Now's the time for making love."

Those words rang through her, Nikki growled furiously, still unable to do the slightest bit of difference...Soon she stopped, breathless and obviously out powered.

"Good girl." Bam hissed...Thier noses now touching slightly.

"I've missed you...So much" Bam said, his words were soothing now.
Nikki opened her eyes and glared into his...They had returned to their famous baby blue.

"I've not eaten...Nor slept."

"No?" Replied Nikki, actually sounding surprised.

"No...I had to make sure you were safe, i had to make sure you would return to me." Bam beagn to eskimo kiss...So did Nikki.

Bam's grip loosened, Nikki rubbed her now sore wrists. She looked up at him once more, he was smiling so sweetly.

Holding out one hand Bam helped Nikki up onto her feet and began to lead her back into the bedroom.

"But now of course you are back, you've returned to me." Bam wrapped his arms around Nikki and sighed.

"Yeah..." Stuttered Nikki "Yeah...I'm back."

Dawn approached and flooded the land with light, both Nikki and Bam lay still in their bed.

But only one of them slept.

Bad Blood

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