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Bad Blood;Chapter 4

Bad Blood
By Bagel_Bitch

Chapter 4

The serenity that had once been forced upon Castle Bam had been broken...The sound of crying echoed throughout it's many walls.

Nikki sobbed gently, still craddling the body of the poor defenceless kitten in her blood stained hands.

Her body trembled and her stomach clenched tightly.

Dropping the body she dashed for the toilet and vomited...She struggled to breathe between the fountains of blood that seemed to gush for her mouth.

After a while the vomiting stopped...But that didn't stop the awful smell that was drifting in the air, nor did it change what she had done.

Nikki sat back, slowly she gazed down at herself. She was covered in blood...It had stained her nightdress and had marked her now very pale face.

Why had she done it?

Nikki crawled back over to the body of the poor creature inwhich she had slain for feed an uncontrollable hunger which had taken control of her.

She stroked it's once soft fur.

Tears fell of Nikki's eyes...they were no longer dead to the world, instead they were bloodshot from all the tears she had shed.

Nikki lay her head down next to the kitten...Hoping that when she woke again, all of this would be a terrible dream.

She did not notice the dark figure in the shadows...She did not notice it's eyes glint in the moon light.

And she did not notice it as it began to move towards her.

Bad Blood

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