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Bad Blood;Chapter 3

Bad Blood
By Bagel_Bitch

Chapter 3

The night was still young. The moon shone brightly in the star lit sky.

Nikki stirred, her eyes struggling to open. She felt odd. Tired yet full of life.

She clenched her stomach, the pain was angonising.

What's wrong with me!?

She collapsed onto the floor besides the bed, somehow she managed to pull herself into the sitting position.

Tears rolled down her face, so many emotions flying around her body...So hungry. So scared.

She winched again as the hunger began to take over.

She crawled as far as she could, she reached the door eventually and with all her might turned the handle to release herself from the room.

Using walls and furniture as her guide she made her way to what she hoped was a bathroom.

She was in luck.

She sighed and happily slid to the floor, after about 10minutes she decided that it would probably be better if she moved.

She gatherd all her strength and hualed herself up infront of the mirror.


Nikki grabbed hold of the towel rack...What was that starring back at her!?...Slowly Nikki ran her hand over her face, it was her.

Her face was so pale, her mouth was painted with dried blood and her eyes were so...Dead.

"What am i!?" She began to weep.

Just then she heard soft footsteps behind her.

She hid behind the door, hoping and praying that she would not be found.

A soft miaow broke throught the silence.

It was Trouble...One of Bam's cat's.

Nikki watched it for a moment...A strange and sickening feeling began to rise from within her.

She couldn't take it any longer, her breathing deepen slowly, hungry growls began to seep through.

Then without warning Nikki lept at the cat and wrapped her mouth around it's neck.

Bad Blood

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