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Bad Blood;Chapter 2

Bad Blood
By Bagel_Bitch

Chapter 2

Time seemed to stand still around the fortress of Castle Bam. But slowly night died and the first beams of sun blasted their way through, highlighting the land and making the early morning dew glisten.

Slowly he pulled the curtain shut, so she could continue to slumber.

Standing at the end of the bed he watched...And he would continue to watch untill her eyes open.

Untill he could be certain that she was his.

She stirred, a small growl escaped her tender and raw lips.

A smile spread across his lips.

The house was so still. He had ordered them to make as little noise as possible.

Every now and again footsteps could be heard, but they always faded back into the background.

He trailed her body with his eyes...He long to touch her velet skin once more.

But she was not ready yet.

He'd let her rest untill she was strong enough to face her new life.

Slowly and as quietly as he could manage he nestled himself beside her, taking in deep breaths.

Her scent Intoxicated his entire body, making him slightly light-headed.

Again she stirred, her hands clutching her pillow.

Her breathing became short.

It would not be long now...Soon she would wake.

And she would hunger...Oh how she would desperatly hunger.

Reluctantly he left her side and made his way to the window.

By now night had driven away the spiteful harshness of the sun, he had spent so long with her he had no awareness of time.

Tonight he would venture out to find food, a banquet fit for a queen.

He hoped that he would make it back before she awoke.

"Tonight we will feast like royalty." He hissed before disappearing into the shadows.

The cold wind whipped her face...And sure enough, she slowly began to awaken from her venomous slumber.

Bad Blood

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