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Bad Blood;Chapter 1

Bad Blood
By Bagel_Bitch

Chapter 1

All around the air was tense...tainted.

An strange and unexplainable horror was stirring, dreams became nightmares, just as day slowly turned into night.

Upon the bed she lay, still in deep slumber, shadows played teasily on the bedroom walls.

Thunder and lightening clashed in an almighty battle outside.

None of this distrubed her peace.

No...The outside world would not awake her.

Nor would it believe what was happenening to her...As peaceful as she looked.

Inside horrific and gruelling pain were slowly digesting her soul.

An almightly clash of lightening filled the night sky.

Her eyes shot open...Yet she was neither awake nor asleep.

Her body lashed out in pain.

A silent scream escaped her mouth before her body rested back upon the bed...Her eyes lay open, fear gripped her.

Images of past years danced before her, friends, loved ones, all laughing, pointing, tuanting her...Blood oozing from every Orifice.

Her eyes widened and her mouth wept with hunger.

If you were to look in upon this Ghastly transformation, You would surely die from fright.

And if the sight you could bare, then watch out for her watcher, in the corner...Merely sitting there.

He had been there since the begining and untill she arises.

There he will stay.

Bad Blood

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