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Pure Blood;Chapter 7

Pure Blood
By Bagel_bitch

Chapter 7

Still frozed in the spot where Bam had last left her Nikki's mind raced as she tried to think of which futre she wanted.

"Die or become undead." She mumbled to herself, she began pacing around the kitchen, he was waiting for her upstairs, she ran to the back door...Locked!

"Dammit!" She hit the door, inf act she hit it so hard a piece of the pirate bar fell down, it was a piece of wood that used to hang above the door...She picked it up and studied it.

"A stake through the heart!" She exclaimed. "If i kill Bam when in 'vampire mode' Then my Bam will return to me!
She jumped up and down with joy...She quickly hid the jagged piece of wood up her jacket sleeve and made her way upstairs.

Bam waiting outside on the terrace, his back facing her...Slowly she approached him, she didn't need to say anything, Bam could smell her, turning round the smile on his face grew wider.


"I'm all yours." Nikki smiled back and tilted her head to one side, she watched as Bam's eyes became dark and cold and his teeth change into that of the monster, she hated the monster that lived inside him...but at the same time she didn't, her feeling were shot. All she knew is that if she managed to kill the monster than she would have Bam back.

Bam approached her, sweeping a piece of hair away from her neck he prepared to bite down.

Nikki seized her chance and drove the stake into his chest, Bam fell to the floor in agony...but instead of transforming back into his human self, he tore out the piece of wood and growled angrily.

Nikki fled while he was still wounded...Why had that not worked!? She ran and ran until her legs gave way, collapsing in a nearby alley she struggled to catch her breath, her heart was pounding so hard it hurt to breathe.

She woke an hour later, it was still dark and she was still alone...He had not found her yet. Standing up she rested her head upon the wall, thinking of what to do next.

What was that!? a faint growling sound came from behind her, too scared to turn round Nikki made a run for it, only to be pulled back and thrusted against the wall with almighty force.

"I always said you watched too many horror movies" Came the smug voice. "Open your eyes...OPEN YOUR EYES!"

Nikki did as orderd.

"why?" He asked..."Why...just tell me why, before i kill you."

"I...I thought...That..." Nikki could bearly speak, tears ran down her face and she was struggling to breathe.

"You thought what!?" Bam shook her hard and slammed her into the wall again.

"I thought that if i killed you while you were a vampire then it would cure you and i'd have you back again!" Nikki bellowed out before bursting into tears..."I only want you back!"

Bam released his grip upon her and watched as she slid down the wall into a heap on the floor...Bending down slowly he placed his mouth to her ear.

"I never left." He whispered..."And i never will..." He unbuttoned his shirt.

Nikki looked up from her heap, his wound was non-exsistant, she stroked it gently and then looked up at Bam.
Bam kissed her lips and titlted her head to one side.

"It'll only hurt for a moment." He reassured her.

"Will i wake up again?" Desperation in her voine

Bam punctured her flesh with his teeth, slowly everthing began to go dark and nikki felt herself slip away.

After feeding on her, Bam picked up the lifeless body of his beloved girlfriend and carried her back to the house.

The question of will she ever wake up again was never an issue for Bam, whether she wanted eternal life or not, Bam wasn't about to let her go...She was his now

For all eternity. 

Pure Blood

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