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Pure Blood;Chapter 6

Pure Blood
By Bagel_Bitch

Chapter 6

"Go away...go away...go away!" Nikki clenched her ears trying to block out the sound, but the knocking continued, like a thousand hammers banging in a thousand nails it continued.

"Go away...GO away...GO AWAY!" Nikki screamed "IT'S NOT REAL!...GO AWAY! GO AWAY!" she started picking up random objects and began throwing them at the door...soon enough the knocking stopped, nikki sat down and tried to calm herself down, tears flowed down her cheeks and her chest was tight where she was finding it hard to breathe.

It had been 30 minutes now, nikki was still sat in the same place as she had been before, her head throbbed and her heart was breaking.

Slowly she made her way to the door, kneeling down on all fours she pressed her ear to the gap at the bottom, trying to hear if there was anyone out there still.


Oh how she had longed for it, she sighed and lay herself down on the floor and closed her eyes, she was alone.


Nikki sat up right, her eyes widened, turning back to the door she pressed her ear against it once more.

She heard a faint laughter, but it wasn't coming from out the door.

"Over here Nikki..."

Nikki turned to where the voice was originating from and nearly died from fright, for there sat OUTSIDE her bedroom window was Bam, gently tapping on the window pane.

"Nikki?..." Bam said with a smile, his teeth glinting in the moon light "Let me in Nikki...I just want to talk...I can explain everything, i promise i WON'T hurt you."

"Go away..." Nikki whispered "...Go away."

"Nikki...I'm asking you nicely, i can come in anytime i want...Remember, this is MY house." And as he spoke he ran one finger nail down the window pane, outlining the edge of the glass, all nikki could do was watch in terror as the glass pooped out of it's secure place and fall to the ground.

The wind rushed in, making Nikki shiver, although nothing made her shver more than to see her once loved boyfriend climb in through a window that was at least 30-50 feet in the air.

Bam moved slowly, sitting on the bed he montioned her to join him, Nikki starred at the monster before her, and after a while of feeling paralysed she shook her head and curled herself up into a tight ball.

Bam reached for the lamp that had fallen on the floor, turning it on so that it illuminated his face he once again montioned for her to join him.

"You'll never understand unless you let me show you." He tilted his head and pouted a little, his two front teeth poked through, Nikki held her stomach and looked away.

"If you don't come here...I'll be forced to come over there..." Bam taunted. Nikki looked at him with sharp eyes, glaring angrily she slowly lifted herself off the floor and made her way to the bed.

Bam smiled and held out his hand to her, she glared at the hand and then back at Bam, she sat herself as far away from his as possible.

Holding the lamp close to his face Nikki gazed as the monster in front of her reformed itself back into her boyfriend, Bam smiled and once again held out his hand, seeing that Nikki was pretty much frozen to the spot he made his way towards her instead.

Wrapping his arms around her his gently kissed her head and sighed.

"Let me explain..." He pleaded "Let me show you that i'm still the same guy."

Nikki looked up at his face, now unfrozen from her spot, she gently lifted his top lip up and insoected his teeth...Normal, just like they always had been. Bam stroked her face tilting it up towards his.

"How...what?" Nikki asked

"How...what?" Bam the reply from quite a puzzled Bam.

"What are you?..."

"A pure blood."

"Pure...blood?" these words seemed lost to Nikki

"Pure blood vampire...april is a vampire and so is Phil and when two vampires love each other they..."

Nikki put her hand over his mouth to stop him. "That's lovley...But if you are a "vampire" Then how is it possible for you to walk in the sunlight.

"Well...I am still human as well you know." Bam grinned...Nikki raised her eyebrows.

" just...said that." Nikki struggled to get the words to escape her mouth.

"You know some people say that there is TWO sides to everyone...Well as a way to protect ourselves we retain a certain amout of humanity...Mainly the physical side, you know the side that lets us eat food, drink alcohol and get drunk...walk in the daytime, have babies...It really is quite simple."

"And the OTHER side?...What advantages does that have!?" she said through gritted teeth, puching herself away from his grasp.

Looking at her Bam sighed and began.

""Well...that side is the "stronger" side. It allows us to run faster, live longer and to become stronger. But in order to reatian all of these 'new' abilities...we have to drink."

"Nice story" Nikki huffed "So...what happens to me now?"

"You?...Well you have 2 options really...Become one of us...or join Jenn."


"Yeah...Look come with me." He took her hand whether she wanted him to or not and with one shove moved all the furniture away from the door.

He led her down the stairs, towards the kitchen, all the blood that she had seen shed was gone...Well apart from a few specks on the walls.

Slowly Bam opened the fridge and took out the jar that held the heart that she had found.

"Say hello jenn."

Nikki gagged and ran to the sink. "Monster!" she cried.

"I'm not a monster!...She left us no other choice, she said AND I QUOTE! "I'd rather DIE before becoming the digusting monster that you are" So we did...We kept the heart as a reminder that no matter how much someone 'says' they love you it may not always be true."

"Is that where i'm heading?..." Nikki splutterd, still trying to keep herself from throwing up.

"No...No no no no!...Well maybe." Bam returned the jar back into the fridge. "It all depeds on what you choose, now i have faith in you, i know that you love that's why now it's your turn to show me."


"Choose, become one with me or become my next's quite simple really." Bam placed a hand on Nikki's cheek.
"Be human and die...Or be one of us and be forever youg, forever strong...Forever loved."

Nikki gazed at him, not really understanding what was being said.

"You have to choose...I'll be waiting upstairs." He kissed her on the head and left her to think...

"Don't be too long." Bam called back.

Nikki once again was frozen, she felt as if she was stuck between two doors and didn't know which way to turn.

What was she going to do...Die and live forever and a vampire OR Die and become an orniment in a fridge.

Pure Blood

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