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Pure Blood;Chapter 5

Pure Blood
By Bagel_Bitch

Chapter 5

Nikki stared in horror, too scared to scream, and paralysed to move.

The sound was unbearable, it was as if a pack of wild animals had been released into the house, she watched as they fed, clawing their victims, tearing their flesh from their bones.

Bam bit down on his meal, the flesh tender and soft, just the way he liked it.

Lifeless bodies coverd the grand table and the neighbouring floors, he sat upright on his knees and watched for a moment as his family and friends gorged on helpless which he had prvided for them, closing his eyes he listened as their hearts stopped beating.

A smile formed upon his face.

That smile soon faded as the more he concentrated the more he heard...A heartbeat, a very fast heartbeat...He could smell panic, fear. He opened his eyes and gazed around the room...Dead...all dead, the others were still in the midst of their feeding frenzy.

Where was it coming from? He searched on all fours, pawing his way through the bodies, checking to see if they were still alive...none of them were, he began looking round frantically. Had one escaped?

Wait! What was that? Crying?...Yes a faint crying sound came from above, looking up his eyes locked onto the source of the sound...Nikki.

She was there, up on the balcony, her hazel eyes had lost their sparkle and had become bloodshot.

Bam's eyes were different too. Nikki stared in disbelief at the monster whcih was starring back at her, his baby blue eyes had become dark and cold, blood dripped off his chin, holding her hand to her mouth to stop her screaming she slowly began to back away, muffled cries desperately trying to escape.


The others looked up from their gorging licking the blood from their mouths they too turned their attention from the food at hand and gazed up towards where nikki was.

Wiping his mouth with his sleeve Bam made his way towards the stairs.

Turning the last corner he saw her...Huddled in a ball rocking slowly backwards and forwards, shaking her head and muttering to herself that she was still dreaming.

As he approached her, he reached out his hand as if to comfort her.

Nikki gasped and shuffled herself away from him. "Wwwhat are yyou?" she finally managed to ask.

"I'm Bam." Came the reply "Look...See?"

Nikki peered out from her ball of security, his eyes had reformed back into their former blue and when he smiled he not longer beared a set of fangs...Everything seemed fine, if it were not for his clothes and face being stained with blood.

Again Bam reached out his hand, slapping it away Nikki made a run for her bedroom but was cornerd by Ryan, his eyes too were dark and cold, Nikki froze as Ryan wrapped his hand around her neck and heaved her into the air.

"NO!" boomed Bam knocking Ryan off his feet and nikki onto hers, again she made a dash, flinging open the door she began piling anything and everything against it, then sitting on her bed she resumed crying.

The voices out side began to fade, had they gone? Was it a dream?

Nikki closed her eyes, hoping that when she awoke everything would be the way it was meant to be.

All of a sudden there was a knocking at her bedroom door...

Pure Blood

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