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Pure Blood;Chapter 4

Pure Blood
By Bagel_bitch

Chapter 4

Two weeks had past, but Nikki could still hear the words she wished she hadn't. She stirred in the bed, the nightmares were growing more strong and becoming more frequent, all she could hear were the voices of those she thought she could trust.

"She's getting suspiscious!" "Only at your stupidity" "We need to do something before it's too late!" "What are you implying!?" "Why didn't you wait till it was safe!?" "I needed the blood!" "You're greedy that's all" "I cleaned up the mess!" "What about the jar in the fridge!?" "Saving it till later!" "Later!...If i had my way you wouldn't be here now!" "Kill her!" "NO!...Say that again and i'll re-decorate with your insides!" "Why not!?...It worked for Jenn!"

Nikki bolted upright in the bed, cold sweat poured down her face, she turned to the empty space beside her. Where was he? she fumbled around for her watch...4:30AM.

What was wrong with her? What was wrong with them!? Devil worshiping? Drugs? Cannibalism? She gripped her head and began to rock slowly backwards and forwards.

"It was a was a was a dream..." just then her chanting was broken by the sound of approaching footsteps, quickly she buried herself under the covers and closed her eyes, as if she were still in deep slumber.

The door creaked open and a shadow appeared on the wall, slowly the figure moved towards her, she tried not to tremble or make a noise.

"Nikki?" Came a soft and gentle voice. "Nikki?...You asleep?"

Nikki stirred in the bed, pretending that the voice had awoken her from a dream, she slowly rolled over and looked up at the figure standing by her bed.

"Hello dear..." It was April, Nikki sighed and sat up, once again beggining to feel safe again.

"Hey april" Nikki smiled.

"How are you dear...Bam tells me you've not been sleeping well?" april reached out and stroked Nikki soft long brown hair, nikki sighed once more.
"Anything the matter?...Any particular reason why you might not be sleeping well?"

Nikki shook her head, "Stupid things really...Nothing major" She smiled wearily, could she really tell april that she thought her son and his friends were evil, devil worshipping, organ collecting monsters? She smiled again and decided to change the subject.

"where's Bam?" nikki asked, she didn't really want to know but it sounded appropriate.

"Phil took them all out." April smiled back.

"At 4:30AM in the morning?" Nikki raised her eyebrows in question.

"Yes...They went to grab a "bite" to eat" Stroking Nikki's hair once more April took leave of the bed and headed for the door, she turned round and looked at Nikki "You go back to sleep now..."

Nikki nodded, and lay back down as April closed the door...

She hadn't been asleep long when she heard the commotion, Grabbing her dressing gown, she peered out from her bedroom, they had returned and with a lot of other women by the sounds of it...Slowly Nikki crept towards the landing banister, being care ful so that they would not be able to see her, perrig through one of the gaps between the wood her eyes widened at the sight.

Girls surrounded the living and dining room area, Nikki shuffled a little closer incase her eyes were playing tricks on her...they weren't Phil,Bam and the crew had bought back nothing but girls aged between 12-18.

"What the hell!?" Nikki gasped under her breath.

"LADIES! Ladies!" Phil cried trying to get his voice heard above the crowd. "Please do not scramble,why not sit down instead?" He gesterd them towards the grand table that stood in the centre of the dining area.
In a wave of giggles and "oh my god!" The girls obeyed.

"Now!" Bam boomed "This is how it is going to work...Close your eyes!" They closed their eyes "In a minute or so the lights will be dimmed...and then, the fun begins...Ready?" His smile made Nikki want to retch.

The lights were dimmed, not too dark though Nikki could still make out what was going on...She silenced her own screams at the horrific event which began to unfold in front of her.

Pure Blood

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