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Pure Blood;Chapter 3

Pure Blood
By Bagel_Bitch

Chapter 3

"Ow! Stop it Bam!" Came the Cry from Novak as Bam threw him against the wardrobe.
"I didn't see her! I swear i'll be more careful!" Tears filled novak's eyes. Bam approached him, still as angry.

"Do you know what you could've done!?" Bam picked novak up by the throat "Do you realise!?" He threw him again with all his might. novak landed on the ground with a thump!Scrambling to pick himself up novak pleaded.

"Please Bam, it''ll never happen again." Tears were now streaming down novak's face.
Bam sighed and sat himself down on the end of the bed, Novak slowly crawled towards him, stopping at his feet.

"I give you everything and in return you almost make me lose the one thing i want..." Bam scowled at his friend, who still hung his head in shame, "If i lose her...You lose your head, are we clear?...No mercy Novak...No mercy"
With that Bam stood up and brushed Novak off his leg.

It was about 8pm When Nikki arrived home, she had been working late and decided to get take-a-way for tea.

"Food!" She bellowed

No responce...she bellowed again.


Slowly she heard footsteps, she turned expecting to see an army of hungry men pounding their way towards her, but instead all she get was a weary novak, blood coverd his skin, Nikki dropped the bag and rushed over to him.

"My god! what happenend!?...Wait here!" Nikki raced off to fetch medical supplies before novak even had the chance to open his mouth, let alone speak.

"Come here...Novak! Come here!" She tugged at his arm.

"Sit!" She orderd Novak did as he was told and slowly Nikki began wiping the blood away.

"what happenend?" she asked again.

"nothing" Came the reply

Nikki's gaze never left his face, she tilted it up woth her hand and made him look her in the eyes...

"What...happenend?" She asked again, her voice more stern this time.

"Nothing...Look!" Novak exclaimed

Nikki looked down, there were no wounds...She stood there in disbelief.

" were covered!?" She stammered, shaking her head and rubbing her eyes.


Hearing the commotion, Bam, Ryan and Raab rushed downstairs and broke Nikki's hold over Novak.

"There you are jerk-off!" Bam said with a smile. "Been looking for missed your shot."

"Shot?" nikki questioned "what shot?"

"We were filming for the show and Novak here was suppose to run down the road naked apart from the 'fake blood' we coverd him in." Came the reply from Ryan.

"Looks good doesn't it?" Raab asked

"Yeah..." Came the bewilderd answer, Nikki could not believe how real it all looked. "So...You were just fliming?"




All four men smiled and nodded, almost in unison. Nikki rubbed her eyes again and nodded too.

"Oh...Oh, um...I thought...I've ruined your make-up" she stammerd

"Oh...Never mind" Bam reassured wrapping one arm around his stunned girlfriend.

"You've been working late again, how about you go change into your comfy clothes and we all snuggle up and watch tv...Yeah?" Bam began accompaning her towards the direction of the stairs.

"Up you go..." He insisted

Nikki did as she was instructed, she didn't go into the bedroom though instead she hovered upon the landing as the arguments and insults began to fly...Her face turned a pale shade of grey and her knees became weak with the words that were spoken from the men beneath her.

Pure Blood

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