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Pure Blood;Chapter 2

Pure Blood
By Bagel_Bitch

Chapter 2

Almost a month had past since Bam had "phoned" Jenn about her locket but still there was no sign of her, Nikki sighed as she watched the rain trickle down the window pane, in fact she was so distracted that she didn't notice Bam creeping up behind her.

"Boo!" Bam yelled wrapping his arms around her, nikki jumped in fright but settled quickly after realising who it was that gave her such a scare.

"Don't do that!" She exclaimed, after catching her breath which had fled her body she sighed once more.

"It's raining, the lads are all out drinking and i've unplugged the phone..."Bam teased while slowly tugging at her top, but stopped when he noticed that she wasn't returning the suggestions offered.

"Problem?" He asked.

"Has Jenn picked up that locket yet?...Only i can't seem to find it and it's been almost a month since you rang her...Do you think she got lost?"

Bam muffled his laugh in nikki's shoulder.

"Lost!?" He scoffed "No...No, she didn't get lost, christ she lived round here for quite a while, if she managed to get herself lost then i laugh at her!...No."

"Then what about the locket?...where is it?" Nikki's sound became stern when she realised that Bam wasn't fully listening but instead chewing on her ear lobe.

"huh?" Came the responce, "Oh the locket...The locket...uh, Jenn's got it. Yep, it's back with it's rightful owner." Bam nodded then went back to chewing.

"Really!? When? Did she come by? Wasn't much of a visit then was it?"

Bam could tell that until the answers were supplied to the questions, he wasn't going to have any fun.

"I phoned her again, asked for her address..Didn't see much point in her coming all this way just for a locket...So i sent it to her." Bam smiled then closed the curtains, gently tugging on nikki's waist he resumed kissing and chewing once more, a giggle escaped Nikki's mouth, turning round she wrapped her arms round Bam's neck.

"So...It's all sorted?" she asked, eyebrows raised in question.

"Yep...Well almost everything is sorted"

"Really? what is there still to be done? Nikki asked.

A sly smile spread across Bam's face letting go of Nikki, he gazed into her eyes and placed his face close to hers.

"I've still got to get you up those stairs missy!"

"Aaah!" Nikki let out a screech as Bam chased her round the living room and up the stairs to the bedroom where soon all that could be heard was giggling.

The next morning Nikki arose early, wearily she made her way downstairs to make some tea but she was careful not to wake bam.

"Tea bags?...Tea bags?" she searched all over the kitchen, she was sure that she had put them here, she just couldn't remember where, getting up upon a stool she reached into the back of the cupboard where she thought she saw a box.
"Gotcha!" She giggled to herself over her triumphant victory.

"Now...Milk." Clambering off the stool she skipped over to the fridge, the one thing she had noticed since dating bam was that he kept a lot of raw meat, but never had she seen him cook any of it, she shook her head and fumbled around in the fridge.

Just as she had found the milk she also found something else, something that looked quite 'human' She picked up the jar and studied it closely.

"I must still be half-asleep" she assured herself, "That looks like a heart." she dug deeper into the fridge to see if there were anymore of these "exotic" Jars. there were not.
shaking her head she re-placed the jar back into the fridge.

"Must be Rake's" she said "Yeah...for an experiment, surely"

Just then novak emerged from the bathroom, his trousers stained.

"Morning" he mumbled

"morning..." Nikki replied staring at his lower half. Novak starred at her for a moment and then looked down.

"Cranberry!" He explained, rather loudly. "Yeah, the girl I was with last night had a thing for cranberry juice." He chuckled nervously, slowly edging towards one of the bedrooms.

"Oh..." Nikki said less then convinced.

"Yeah...I better get back to her" Scrambling for an exit Novak dived into the nearest bedroom.

"Yeah...Ok" Nikki whispered to herself. something wasn't quite right, shaking her head once more she smiled and returned to making her tea. Not noticing that Bam was listening on the stairs, Snarling slightly he made his way back upstairs.

Pure Blood

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