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Pure Blood;Chapter 1

Pure Blood
By Bagel_bitch

Chapter 1

It had been 3 months since Bam and Jenn had split-up and jenn had "moved" to texas.

"Time to get up Bubbles!" Bam hollared slapping the ass of the young women beside him, she stirred under the covers.

"Not yet!" She whined back
"Yes!...Now!" Bam wasn't prepared to back down, slowly she peered out from beneath the covers which were incasing her in warmth and coziness.

"Come on now...Rise and shine!" Bam shot open the curtains and threw himself on top of his sleepy partner, since Jenn had "gone" Bam had decided that all american women were evil and that he would expand his tastes to mre "exotic" locations, true England isn't THAT exotic but still, he had managed to find one who liked him and not what he had become.

"Ooof!...Get off you lard-ass!" Was the reply that came from beneath Bam, "I can't breathe!" She struggled under the weight of her newly found boyfriend, elbowing and kicking him wasn't proving the best strategy to remove him from on top of her.

Bam gave in and rolled over to his side of the bed, resting his head on the pillow next to hers, he peeled off the covers to reveal his very angry yet very pretty new girlfriend She had mousey brown hair and sparkly hazel eyes...she glared as the sun reached out and stroked her face making her wrinkle her face a little.

Bam tried to hide his giggle but could not help smiling.
"Sorry babe..."

"Sorry BABE!...Since when did i transform into a talking pig with a wig!?" She exclaimed.

"Ok i'm sorry nikki" Bam corrected, rolling his eyes as he did
"Jeez...Try to give you a pet name and you BITE my head off!"

She beckoned him to lean closer. He did, Nikki may be loads of fun but it was cruel of Bam to torture her so early in the morning as her body clock hadn't completely gotten use to the time change, he kissed her soft lips and sighed.

"what's wrong?...Fed up of me so soon?" Her eyebrows raised

"No...just...bored, getting up?" He began bouncing on the bed which caused nikki's body to move with it. She slapped him and threw the covers off her, rolling over she sat up and streched.

"you only want me up so that i can make breakfast." She yawned.

"Not true!" Bam exclaimed "I also want you up so that you can make the crew breakfast!"

Nikki looked at him, but couldn't help but smile back at the cheeky school boy smile that was being beamed at her.

"Fine, fine i'll make breakfast...again." another yawn escaped her mouth, standing upshe reached for the dressing gown that was screwed up upon the floor.

"Go get the others and i'll be down in a minute"

She watch as Bam leaped about out of the door and into the neigbouring bedrooms...Slowly she began to shuffle towards the door.

"OW! What was that!?" she sat back down on the bed, her foot bleeding slightly, what had she stepped on? She searched about on all fours whatever it was she wasn't planning on stepping on it again.

"Ah-ha! found you!" A smile spread upon her face, she had found the little bugger that had injured her. It was a small golden locket, Nikki held it up to the light so that she could she it sparkle, she noticed that it was open, only a little but open none the less. she pryedit open fully with her thumb nail.

"Now who do you belong to my pretty little assasin? Hmm..." The smile faded, inside were 2 little pictures, one of Jenn and another of her daughter Elle, "Now wht would Jenn leave something like this behind?" As nikki continued to think, she didn't see that Bam had returned, victorius from his battle of waking everyone up, he took a run-up and "Boof!" Landed on the bed with a loud THUD! He laughed rolling over.

"We're waiting...Feed me! Feed me!..." He stopped when he notieced that hs child like behaviour wasn't getting him the attention he wanted, rolling over once more he noticed what Nikki was playing with and with one fell swoop snatched it from within her hand.

"Hey! Give that back!" Came the reply

"where'd you get this!?" The responce from Bam was less than friendly.

"I found it...Why would jenn leave this behind!?" she climbed onto the bed, beside Bam, her gaze never leaving his, Bam wrapped one arm around her and smiled.

"She...She must've dropped it on her way out." Bam stammered.

"But why?...From wht i've heard this thing never left Jenn's side, or neck to be more specific." Nikki's eyes met Bam's knowing that if she gazed long and hard enough he would crack...He did.

"Ok...Tell you what. I'll phone Jenn and tell her that she forgot it and then i'll post it to her...ok?" He turned on the 'puppy dog' eyes, he could get awawy with murder if h wanted to as long as he made this stupid, yet adorable face at her.

Nikki sighed "Ok...But do it know" She reached and grabbed the phone by the bedside table, handing it to bam she waited for him to begin dialing.

Bam's fingers pressed random numbers and then placed the phone to his ears.
"Hello? Hi Jenn!" Nikki's face lit up. "Good to hear you again...Listen you know you're locket? Yeah? Well we found it, me and nikki found your locket! Yeah! Ok...ok...ok i'll do that then, ok then Jenn...Bye! He placed the phone on the bed.

"Well she said she's coming back to west chester for a visit she'll pick it up then...ok?"

"Yeah...ok, right! breakfast." Nikki rubbed her hands together and jumped up from the bed "Eggs ok?"

"Eggs will be fine! You go start i'll just put this some where safe" And as he watched her toddle off, the smile faded from his face, he turned and looked at the locket which he was clutching in his hands, a scowl appeared "Stupid fucking thing" He threw the locket in the wastebin and picked up the phone.

"When the third chime tolls, the time will be 8:30AM"

Bam smiled once more and replaced the phone back onto the reciever.
"This time it'll be different...This time she will be mine!"

Pure Blood

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