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Not A Walk In The Park

Not A Walk In The Park
By Ranitindine

Those eyes. Jenn couldn’t forget those eyes. Icy-blue and breathtakingly beautiful. They seemed to stare right through her when they first met only a few months before.

Now she stood at the entrance of the park by the river, waiting for him and chewing on a manicured finger nail. She glanced around anxiously. The cold, late November wind blew gently, brushing her hair back from the sides of her face.

Jenn glanced over her shoulder as she felt a presence, but no one was there, only the snow dusted park and frozen river. She returned her gaze to where it was before. There he was, inches away from her.

“Jesus!” she jumped slightly.

“I’m sorry.” He apologized.

She sighed and giggled.

“It’s alright. You just startled me a bit.”

He chuckled. He gestured into the park with his hand.

“After you.”

Jenn steadied herself. She had become giddy, couldn’t stop her muscles from wanting her to jump and flail around like an excited child, and felt butterflies in her stomach.

“Thank you.” she smiled, pushed her hair back behind her left ear, and made her way through the iron gates that bordered the entrance to the park.

They had walked silently for a while, both admiring how beautiful the park looked in the winter. Jenn wanted to say something to him.

Anything. How wonderful their relationship had been, how good to her he was, how she wanted so badly to make love to him. Anything. But her voice remained silent.

They arrived at the stone bridge that crossed over the river. Snow crunched beneath their footsteps. The naked branches of the trees reached out over the bridge and the river, casting shadows on the snow.

Half-way across the bridge, he stopped. She stopped a few inches behind him. He faced her, reached his hand over and intertwined his fingers with hers.

“I’ve really enjoyed these past few months with you.” He told her as his eyes met with her eyes.

Those eyes. The eyes that she adored so much.

“And I’ve enjoyed them with you, too.” she said smiling softly.

He moved closer to her, leaned forward and brushed his lips across hers. Her heart beat faster. She ached to kiss him. So she did, pressing her lips to his. He let go of her hand, wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her up against his body.

They stayed in their embrace for a while, taking quick breaths in between kisses. They both smiled as they kissed each other. He pulled his face away and wrapped his arms tighter around her, so that his face rested on the side of hers and her chin rested on his shoulder.

“Come home with me.” he whispered into her ear.
Chills ran down Jenn’s spine.

Her giggle was slightly muffled by his shoulder.

“Alright.” she said.

The couple had not been home long and they were already in his room, in an embrace, passionately kissing. One of his hands rested at the base of Jenn’s spine while the other slid behind her neck as he guided her towards the bed.

He gently laid her down, pulled his shirt off over his head, and straddled her.

“I want you.” Jenn told him in a soft tone.
He stared deeply into her eyes, not saying a word. He slid his hand behind her neck and lifted her towards him.

“Stay here with me.” he asked of her. “Be with me.
Love me.”

His voice and his words made Jenn’s heart melt.

“I want to. More than anything.” she whispered.

He gazed at her for a moment. His eyes closed and he lowered his face down to hers, kissing her cheek and moving his way down to her neck.

He unbuttoned the top three buttons on her shirt. His kisses on her neck and upper chest sent shivers all throughout her body. He bit her neck gently.

It felt good and she wrapped her arms around his waist. That’s when she felt the sting. His biting began to hurt.

“What are...” she began to say when she felt his teeth digging further and further into her throat.

“That’s not...ow! What are you doing?” she exclaimed.


He didn’t. He wrapped his arms around her body and pulled her closer.

Jenn felt blood rush to where he was biting her. She felt herself bleeding and she began to writhe beneath his body.

“Fuck! Stop it!” she yelled out, pushing against his chest.

She groaned and continued to push on him, but he wouldn’t move. She could hear her heart beating and her blood rushing between her ears. She could hear him drinking. Jenn began to feel light-headed and sick to her stomach.

“Get off of me!” she squealed.
Her body felt weak and her attempts to push him off were useless.

“Pl..please...uhhhhhgh...” was all she could manage to say.

He pulled his head back and gently laid her body back down on the bed. Jenn looked up at him, her vision blurred. Blood trickled down the corner of his mouth as he looked down at her face.

“Ba...mmm...uhhhh....” she groaned.

He leaned forward and brushed his face against hers, whispering into her ear. She couldn't understand him.

The corners of her eyes began to darken and Jenn felt herself slip into unconsciousness.

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