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Shortcut To The Coldest Touch;Chapter 7

Shortcut To The Coldest Touch
By StillScreaming

Chapter 7

Every night Jenn glanced out her window, hoping to see Bam standing there holding his hand out for her to hold. It had been over a week since she had
that dream.

The dream in which Bam said he would see her soon...still she waited, but he didn’t sure up. Well of course not it was just a dream, but still, it
seemed so real. She sighed and laid herself down to sleep in the empty bed.

The bed ached for Bam’s presence, and so did Jenn’s heart, still she had no idea how she was going to be able to go on in life without Bam. Everyday she went and sat against his tombstone, crying and talking to it.

“Bam why did you have to leave?” She silently cried.

Soon she had drifted off into her sleep, hoping that she would escape and find a smile within her in her dreams.
Bam had been sitting on the roof whole time, spying on Jenn. She looked skinnier and pale. She didn’t look like her beautiful cheerful self at all.

It killed him to see her like this, and he hated Ralin for taking him away from her. As much as he hated Ralin, he had also developed a pretty good relationship with her, a love hate relation.

Thanks to her, Bam could now control himself and wouldn’t lose control at the very scent of blood. He was now able to limit himself to killing and drinking the blood when he needed too.

Since he had feed on his way over, there should be no reason for him to even think about biting Jenn. He had waited for this moment impatiently for that last week, and just wanted to bust the window open and go and hold her, he had no clue how things were gonna work out, him being a vampire and all.

It was pretty hard to believe. He didn’t know how Jenn would react, but he didn’t really care he just wanted to see her.

He ran his nail along the outline of the screen and then popped it out with little effort, and little sound was produced.

Just as he hoped, the window was locked-he could just gently push it open and sneak right in.

He grinned, butterflies filled his stomach he was this close to her and couldn’t wait any longer.

Bam tip toed over to the bed, and sneaked in covering himself with the covers and moving as close as he could to Jenn, warping his lonely arms around her squeezing tight.

Since he had recently feed his body wasn’t ice cold, and it would remain for about an hour or two. He ran his hand through her hair and kissed her repeatedly, well she still remain asleep.

Bam was massaging her back when she started to moan and wake up.

Her dazzling blue eyes opened, to find them looking right into Bam’s.

“This isn’t a dream is this?” she smiled

“No, its not, I don’t know how to explain it, but your not dreaming-I’ll write you a note and the note will still be there tomorrow morning, that should prove its not a dream.” Bam pulled her against his body as she began to caress his back ever so lovingly.

“If I can feel you, your not a ghost...but your dead...and this isn’t a dream...” Jenn whimpered

“I am dead, and I’m sorry for leaving you, but I’m still here. Would you believe me if I told you I was a vampire.” He sightlessly smiled revealing his fangs.

“Well I have to, and you know what I don’t even care what you are right now, your here and that's all that matters, I missed you so much, Bam, I love you, I can’t live without you...”

Bam's lips pressed against hers cutting her off, their lips stayed locked until Jenn needed to catch her breath.

Then they went right back to it, holding each other tightly, tracing each others bodies. Even death hadn’t broken their bounded love.

Bam awoke in his bed with Jenn tightly attached to him, this made him smile as he kissed her forehead. He glanced over at the window.

SHIT, what time was it, all his vamp pals made is clear that he had to be back before sunrise, and he could till that it was way pass sun rise. He could see the sun’s reflection through the curtains-that were protecting him against their rays.

There was no way he could leave now, he began to panic.

When he turned to face Jenn her eyes were open and she had a smile on her face.

“It wasn’t a dream.” She whispered and then rolled on top of Bam kissing him again then rolling off the bed.

She made her way over to the curtains and pulled one open. Light seeped in and filled the room. Bam hissed and fled to the closest shadow he could find.

Jenn quickly closed it, he really was a vampire, wasn’t he? Jenn rushed over to him and dropped to her
knees, beside him.

“I’m so sorry!” She cried as she pulled Bam into her.

It really had hurt him, and he felt weaker then before, which wasn’t a good idea and he would have wait until night fall before he could feed and restore himself to perfect strength.

Jenn rushed into the washroom, seeing he was hurt, she had no clue what to do to help him.

Vampires...what did she know about Vampires...blood, when she thought about vampires, blood came to mind.

She reached for her razor and broke one of the
blades out by pushing a nail filer under and wedging it out. Not really thinking, she ran the blade down her wrist and a dark crimson trail soon formed.

She hadn’t even felt the pain she had done it so fast. She dashed back to Bam who hadn’t moved.

“Here, drink, I know it will help and don’t fight it or I will force you to.” Jenn pushed her bleeding flesh in front of Bam’s mouth.

He couldn’t help it, he lowered his mouth around the wound and feed. He was careful only to consume what he needed, and make sure he didn’t drain to much away from her.

“Thanks” Bam said as he hugged Jenn and helped her to her feet.

He guided her to washroom where he bandaged up her wound for her, That was just enough to revive him.

Shortcut To The Coldest Touch

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