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Shortcut To The Coldest Touch;Chapter 6

Shortcut To The Coldest Touch
By StillScreaming

Chapter 6

Bam glanced though his and Jenn’s bedroom window. He was standing on the roof outside of it, which him and Jenn would sometimes sit on for hours just talking and having a good time.

Bam was crying at this moment, expect without tears for his dead body could not produce them. Jenn was asleep curled up in small trembling ball, Bam could see that her pillow was stained from tears.

Bam wanted nothing more then to be right beside her, holding her, making everything better. He could not stand the thought of her crying herself to sleep.

“...this is all your fault...” Bam turned to face Ralin who was standing right behind him patting his back.

“Why did you have to choice me...why me, look, see what you did! This is all your fault you fucking bitch!” Bam outbursted and shoved Ralin away, causing her to fall on her ass.

Bam turned back around to find Jenn at the window looking into his eyes. He had woken her up.

“Bam.” she whispered.

Jenn slowly put her palm flat against the window, and tears filled her beautiful blue eyes. Bam placed his palm against hers, he was that close to the woman he loved and let their was a piece of glass in the middle of them.

He wanted nothing more then to break the window and wipe her tears away, but as he had learned he was not able to control himself, and didn’t want to kill her or scare her.

“Bam, come on we have to go, the sun’s starting to rise. I’ll start teaching you when we get back, gives us something to do during the day.” Ralin informed.

Bam just kept staring at Jenn, then he cracked a smile and mouthed the words, I'll come back to visit you in a week oh so...I promise. I love you, don’t cry. He pulled his hand away, his hand mark was outlined with frost.

Before Jenn knew it he was gone, gone again. She couldn’t help but cry. It had only been a dream, but it seemed so real.

Jenn never wanted to wake up, and open her eyes again, because she could see Bam in her dreams. If only she knew it wasn’t just a dream.

Shortcut To The Coldest Touch

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