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Shortcut To The Coldest Touch;Chapter 5

Shortcut To The Coldest Touch
By StillScreaming

Chapter 5

Everyone was now aware of Bam’s sudden death. It came as such a surprise which made it even harder to deal with.

Tears and words of sympathy filled the room where his family members and closest friends were gathered.

All hugged each other and tried to cheer one another up but there was no hope. Also they had received a call that the only possible way he could of died was suicide, and that there was nothing more they could looked into and that they had tried their hardest to figure out what happen, but suicide was the only possible outcome.

This left his companions lost in a state of shock and confusion, Bam...Suicide? It just made know sense, he had no reason why, he hadn’t look depressed or anything when he was last seen.

They worried that maybe they had done something wrong, and one of them were at fault for his death.

Jenn knew him the best out of all, and she knew that Bam did not kill himself, but she was only one voice and what could she do.

Why did it matter, either way he was dead that wouldn’t change. His body had looked so peaceful. Jenn had found it strange that the colour of Bam’s gorgeous lips had become a deep red instead of fading like the rest of his body, and the image of his body laying there, with large gruesome slashes across his wrists.

She wished that the body hadn’t had a heart tattooed to its wrist...she just wished it hadn’t been Bam period. She would never be able to love another. Anger soon took over her, why would Bam do such a
thing to her, how could he leave her, they were to be married soon...Gone. Their whole future together was gone...

April and Phil had gone to plan out a funeral. They had watched his body be placed in a coffin, and since they decided that it would be better to have it closed, they watched the top close and leave his body to be eaten away by the darkness and never to be seen again.
The sound of voices ran though Bam’s clouded mind. But he was just awaking from what seemed a long sleep, so it was hard to make out what they were saying.

He felt completely different. Usually when he woke up he could smell Jenn’s presence beside him, but he couldn’t smell anything, he tried but his nose wouldn’t catch the slightest scent.

He wasn’t breathing, he couldn’t draw in air to be able too. He had not pulse or a heart beat what so ever. Cold, that was all that he could feel at the moment was coldness.

“Hey, Ralin, I think the little lad you found is coming to.” A deep male voice called.

Ralin...Bam knew that name, that woman...her beauty. He tried to remember deeper...He was lost...she was there...she said she would help...her lips on his...her coldness...TEETH...her teeth...Bam’s eyelids snapped open, he was in a cave of some sort, or some kind of
hide out.

It was very dark, besides the light that was being produced from a few candles. His sight, it was amazing he could see every little detail, his eyes had never been this good. Had they?

Bam lifted a hand to his neck to feel where he had been bit, but there was no mark. He felt totally refreshed and awake, sure he should be tired after the long night last night...but nope he was wide awake.

He was full of strength and his mind was keener then it ever had been.

Bam bit his lip trying to figure out what was happening, his tooth dug right into his lip, producing pain. What the hell? He traced the shape of his teeth with his finger. Daggers...vampire teeth.

This had to be real, he was dreaming, Ralin had been part of his dream to...that's right, a dream within a dream, vampires won’t real and he wasn’t on.

Suddenly Bam could smell something, a sweet beautiful taste swam in and out of his nostrils. He got to his feet to look around for what the smell was coming from.

“Well well, would you look who’s finally up.” Ralin greeted.

That smell, it was coming from Ralin. Bam stared at her, stunned by her mysterious beauty once again. Her lips were wet with blood, dripping down her face, down her chest.

Next thing Bam knew he had his tongue tightly against her skin licking the blood,
not being able to control himself.

“Hungry are we?” Ralin giggled, as she let Bam finish.

“This is a dream, as much fun as it was, I would like to wake up now.” Bam said as he licked his lips.

“Your not going to believe me, they never do, but this is no dream. Bam, your dead, but more alive then you ever felt before. Bam your a vampire now, isn’t it a great feeling, being reborn and feeling so refreshed and invincible?”

“This is a dream.” Bam snapped.

“Just once, I wish a freshly born vampire would believe me...just once, but since you don’t believe me I think you should follow me up those stairs.” Ralin pointed to a large spiral going up wards.

“Were right under the graveyard, let me sure you your tombstone, its a really cool one.” She garbed arm by the arm and dragged him behind her as she lead him up the stairs.

“So, this is some sort of under ground hide out for vampires I suppose then.” Bam crocked an eyebrow.

“We call it our sanctuary, but you got the right idea.” Ralin chirped still dragging him behind.

They finally reached a heavy door, the Ralin shoved open with a little about of effort.

“Show off.” Bam taunted, still believing he was in a dream.

Ralin winked at him and stopped in front of a tombstone. Bam stared at it, so what if his name was on it, he still could of been dreaming. Ralin pinched him.

“HEY, what the hell was that for.” Bam hissed.

“Well you felt it didn’t you?”


It hit Bam, He never felt any of these things when he was asleep and it didn’t feel like he was sleeping either. Was he really dead...

“So..I’m, a Vampire?”

“Yep, a night crawler, a predator.” Ralin informed.

Bam believed it, he had no choice but too, he just knew she spoke the truth. He wasn’t sure how, but he could just tell.

“Wh...What about my family? What about my friends, what about Jenn?” Bam whimpered.

“Your dead to them, I know its hard, but that's the way it is.” Ralin comforted.

“But, but...I had plans, I was gonna take Jenn to Paris for a get away, just me and her.”

“Plans change.” Ralin muttered, clearly getting annoyed.


“Look, your a fucking vampire alright, you feed on human’s blood. You can do whatever you want in the
night, but the sun will kill you so you can’t go out in the daytime. Also you should learn how to control your cravings first. I’ll help you with that, shouldn’t take longer then a week.” Ralin stormed.

“Okay...I want to see Jenn.” Bam whimpered, if he could at this point he would be in tears.

“I guess there's no harm in that, but I’m going with you, cause like I said you have no control over

“Yes I do.” Bam argued

“No you don’t.”


“Don’t be stubborn, you don’t.”

“I do.”

The silent night air was broken by a whistling. The smell that made Bam melt had returned to him, and he
took off towards the sound.

The smell lead him to a middle age woman, who looked as though she was walking home from a bad date maybe. She grunted and sighed and muttered words to herself, as she stomped farther and farther into the dark.

Bam dashed behind her, once he had her back in range he pounced, warping his hand around her mouth, and one across her chest, and then his legs around her stomach, he tilted her neck, and dug his teeth into her
fresh. It felt so good to be drinking her blood, Bam had never felt a feeling like this before.

Once Bam had drained her dry, he actually felt warm. He let the body fall to the ground, right at Ralin’s

“No you can’t.” She half grinned at him.

“Maybe you should come with me...” Bam said, shocked that he had just actually killed someone, and that
he actually enjoyed doing it.

He could do something like that to Jenn or someone he loves...therefore Ralin had his permission to tag along.

Shortcut To The Coldest Touch

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