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Shortcut To The Coldest Touch;Chapter 4

Shortcut To The Coldest Touch
By StillScreaming

Chapter 4

Jenn sat at the table as she chewed away at her nails.

"Jenn, he's probably only trying to pull one on us again." Ryan soothed.
"Watch he'll be walking through those doors anytime now."

"You better be right! Why does he always do this to me. I swear I'm going to have a young sudden death from heart failure due to him."

Just then there was a knock on the door.

"Well that's kind of good timing." Ryan laughed.

Jenn's face lit up and she dashed to the door. When she opened it her smile disappeared and it felt as though something had been stabbed through her heart.

Instead of Bam, two police men stood looking at her with concern filled eyes.

"What did he do now?" Jenn sighed, as she invited the two men in.

"Ma'am, I'm afraid he didn't do anything this time. Brandon C. Margera was found dead this morning. I'm deeply sorry. So far the cause of death is being called suicide, he had deep cuts on both wrists. However since he wasn't found at home and he didn't have any weapon on him, nor was there any around him, it could also be a murder of some sort. It's being looked into as we speak."

"Did he pay you to say this, cause if he did this is really low and sick and you can stop it right now." Jenn hissed, not wanting to face reality.

"I know its hard, we would never lie about something like this, I'm afraid we speak the truth.."

Jenn's blue loving eyes filled with tears.

"NO, I don't believe this, let me see him." Jenn demanded.

"If you insist." On of the officers answered.
Jenn drove away in the back of the police car with the two men. Bam's smile fogged up her mind, there was no way her sweet little Bam was dead.

There was no way he would ever kill himself, it pissed Jenn off even to think that he would, they knew him better. Who would want to kill himself, many people hated him, but yet still love him.

He was very well liked in town, no one would want to end his life. The only conclusion Jenn could come to believe was that it was still one big prank Bam was planning, or it was someone who they had found that looked like him.

That's right. Soon she would be home in the comfort of her lovers and best friends arms, she was gonna hug him so tight and never let him go.

She just wished she could be with him right now and this whole fright be over.

If only she knew and could come to realize that Bam was really gone, and that she would never be with him again....But never say never.

The sheet was pulled away from the body.Jenn screamed and began to cry.

"My baby" she repeated as she stroked the cold face of her sweetheart, who had been there for her all these years....

Shortcut To The Coldest Touch

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