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Shortcut To The Coldest Touch;Chapter 3

Shortcut To The Coldest Touch
By StillScreaming

Chapter 3

This didn't seem like the right way at all. Bam felt as though he was becoming more and more lost with every aching foot step he took.

"You sure this is the right way? Cause it kinda sorta seems like were in the middle of no where." He whined.

Ralin grinned, he was exactly right, they were in the middle of no where, but that's what she had wanted the whole time.

With no houses around no one would be able to hear his screams or help or his moans of pain and pleasure.

She had been waiting for far to long now. She craved the erotic taste of blood. This whole time she had been struggling for control, there had been so many perfect opportunities the she could of easily slammed her dagger pointed teeth into his unexpecting tender neck.

Some how she managed to hold her self back. But now there was no way she could. In just a few minute the cravings would be satisfied. The waiting was over.

"No worries darling, it will soon be over shortly."
Ralin grinned as she moved in for the kill.

Ralin grabbed onto one of Bam's hands. Her hands, they were so cold, freezing. Shivers were sent through Bam's spine.

Next thing he knew her bittersweet cold lips were pressed tightly against the warmth of his. She had no heart beat, nor was she breathing.

Bam noticed these two obscene facts as well and tried to pull away, but Ralin had a strong tight grip around his trembling body.

Bam was beginning to give into the pleasure as she teased his helpless trapped body. For Ralin, sedating and sexuality had proven to be her greatest weapon, well besides from her beautiful teeth.

Moans were escaping from his gentle frightened lips by the time Ralin had began to lick his warm neck. Getting a taste before she dove all the way in.

Ralin's lip curled back revealing her shining sharp fangs. Moans of pleasure turned into ones of pain, as Bam felt something puncture through the flesh of his neck. However the pain didn't last long, and pleasure soon rained over his dieing body once again.

Ralin gulped away at his outstanding sinister taste. A state of ecstasy inject itself into Ralin's dead veins, she was lost in this boys blood, so far out of it she had drowned out Bam's cry's of compassion.

Bam's moans began to fade and his body was being drained of heat, he was becoming horribly cold. Moments later he was gone. Dead. But soon he would be reborn into a much better state of life.

Ralin pulled away licking the blood away from the small wound on his neck. Now all she had to do was make his death look normal, and not super natural. She didn't have much time to think, for the sun would soon be rising, vanquishing into hiding untill the sun set again.

She dragged her long sharp black nails smoothly across his cold limb wrists leaving a trail of dark blood behind. Gently she licked the blood away and captured his now cold lips with hers again.

"See you soon my little vampire ,I'll be waiting."

Shortcut To The Coldest Touch

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