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Shortcut To The Coldest Touch;Chapter 1

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Shortcut To The Coldest Touch
By StillScreaming

Chapter 1

Bam increased his pace, his friend were probably already back in the warm comfort of his home. They would be waiting for him to walk through the front doors, so they could point and laugh at him and taunt him with those stupid "I told you so" smirks they would be wearing on their filthy faces.

At this point Bam knew that it was really time to start making bets. To bad he hadn't made that choice before this one...which had began cause of Bam wanting to take a short cut home and his pals disagreeing and telling him that the way they were already taking was faster.

So of corse Bam being non other then himself, thought that he would prove them wrong and then rub it in their faces. But he had failed and now was lost, he most of took a wrong turn or something at some point. It was so much easier in the day time.

But since it was now past midnight, the darkness filled the alley that had captured Bam and made it ever harder to try and escape.

Bam was beginning to panic, he had this feeling that something was going to happen, a feeling that couldn't be explained.

He was scared and wanted to go home. The great Bam Margera was actually afraid...afarid of the dark.

Shortcut To The Coldest Touch

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