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Bloodmoon;Chapter 2

By StillScreaming

Chapter 2

The questions still raced through Bam’s head as he laid on his bed. He had clamed down a bit,but he was now worried about something completely new.

Where was Jenn? When he went to bed she had been there...hadn’t she?

Once he worked up enough courage he slowly made his way back to look out the window to see if it was real or if he had just had to many and as still under the influence of the liquor.

Looking out the window, he blinked a few times, trying to focus his eyes. Hah. It was just dream, or a trick of the mind.There was nothing there.

No woman. No man. No sign that anything of insanity had happened.With a heavy breath and sigh of relief along with a quick chuckle at him-self for being foolish enough to get himself that worked up about it, once again he let his body hit his warm bed.

It was only his imagination he thought as he opened his eyes for no apparent reason.

He screamed silently, for any sound that he was trying to make had been swallowed.

The figure of a woman was standing over his bed.She smiled at him and gazed into his eyes.His head
began to spin and anything feeling he had in his body became numb, her beautiful blue eyes had him in a trance that he couldn’t break nor at the moment did he want to.

She leaned in and kissed him. The kiss was of animal passion.One like he had never had before.

He allowed his tongue to travel her fangs,tasting a faint hint of blood that still stuck on to her.

He had no clue what it was,passon had taken over, there was something she held with in ice cold lips that were bonding with his own made him completely lose it.

Gently she kissed his lips once again then moved onto his jaw line and slowly moved down to his neck.

Her tongue sending a shivering sensation down his spine.Before he could stop her or come to his senses to what she was doing to him,sharp pain was injected into his neck.

The pain only lasted for seconds and then pleasure like never before took over, and remained until the whole world went black.


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