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Bloodmoon;Chapter 1

By StillScreaming
Chapter 1

Bam woke up alone in his room. He been awoken by the noises coming out-side. The voice of a woman sounded familiar,but he could hardly make it out...It was more like growls then words.

There was a mans voice too.He was screaming and crying for help. He pulled himself to the window to see what was happening.

What he saw almost knocked him off his feet.

There was a beautiful woman attacking a helpless man.

The mans head was tightly held between her hands, the woman was kicking at the his legs, to stop him from fighting back maybe? The man fell the ground, both his legs were clearly broken due to the hard kicks he had received.

She moved in for the kill, the mans head was tilted quickly to the side. Bam watched as his eyes
widened with terror as her mouth opened and the moonlight gleamed of enlarged teeth.Fangs!

Those were fangs, maybe a inch long the took the place of her incisors, he had to still be dreaming.Still he couldn’t pull his eyes away from what was going on outside of his window,helplessly he watching as those horrible teeth dug through his pale fresh on his neck.

She drank feverishly, this was nothing of a woman...she was as if she was a starving animal who had just
made a real dissolved kill.The man’s body fell to the ground.Drained.

As the body hit the ground a sickening thud echoed through the night.The woman looked up, right to where Bam was standing,blood dripping from her red died lips.

Quickly Bam ducked out of sight and fell into his bed, his heart pounding and his head beginning to ache from the thoughts that were racing through his tangled mind.

Did she see him? What if she did, what was gonna happen?How was he gonna tell the cops what he had seen with out them thinking he had lost his sanity?

Who was the man she killed,what if it was someone he knew...cause if they were right outside his house?He hadn’t paid close enough attention to the details.

Was it just a dream? Where did the woman come from? Who was she? How the hell did he get himself into this.


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