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Disconnected;Chapter 31

By iluvbam1610
Chapter 31
7 months later...
"Do you Ryan Dunn take Alexia Keeling to be your lawfully wedded wife?To have and to hold,in sickness and in healthmrichness and poor,til death do you part?" the minister asked.
"I do." he said,smiling at Alexia.
Alexia wiped some tears from her eyes as she smiled back at Ryan.
"Ok.And so you,Alexia Keeling,take Ryan Dunn to be your lawfully wedded husband?To have and to hold,in sickness and in health,rickness and poor,til death do you part?" he asked turning towards Alexia.
"I do." she said sniffling.
"Then by the state of Pennslyvania,I now pronounce you husband and wife.You may kiss the bride." he told them,grinning.
Ryan lifted Alexia's veil and they kissed as everyone around them burst into applause.
"Ladies and Gentleman,I present to you,Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Dunn!" the minister called out.
Ryan and Alexia ran down the aisle and right into the limo,taking them to the reception dinner.
In The Limo...
Ryan and Alexia sat back against the leather seats of the limo.Bam had arranged for it to get them and of course,as Bam normally does,rented them a Hummer limo.
"That was exhausting!" Ryan said.
He looked at her and smiled.
"It's official now." he told her smiling bigger.
She laughed.
"Yep.We're now official,Mr. and Mrs. Dunn." she said smiling too.
"I love you." he said as he leaned in to kiss her.
"I love you too." she said kissing him back.


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