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Disconnected;Chapter 30

By iluvbam1610
Chapter 30
Ryan's eyes fluttered open as he woke up.His eyesight blurred for a bit,then came into focus.
"Hey baby." he heard Alexia 's voice say.
"Hey." he responded back,rubbing the sleep out of his eyes.
"Where's Lindsay?"
"I put her to bed.You both fell asleep."
"Oh.Ok.Lexa, about what happened at the house..." he attempted to tell her,before she cut him off mid-sentence.
"Ry,none of that was your fault.It was all mine. I didn't follow my heart,gut,intuition, whatever the hell you want to call it.You and I have a future together,no doubt.Hell,we've already had a baby!
"We've done what people wait until at least 2 to 3 years after they get married to do that!I love you and could never leave you after everything we've been through.I'd be a dumbass for even thinking that.
"I truly don't know what came over me in the house.I guess I was just so happy that I would finally get to make my life and love with you official and complete.
"Or maybe I just got scared of taking such a big step.But whatever I felt and why I felt doesn't matter,because I want to spend the rest of mye life with you."
She went over and sat down on his lap.She looked into his eyes.
"And that's the truth.",she told him as she kissed him.
"So that's a yes?" he asked her smiling.
She laughed.
"Yes!I will and want to marry you!"
They kissed again.
"Now give me the ring!I want to wear it." she told him,excitedly.


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