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Disconnected;Chapter 29

By iluvbam1610
Chapter 29
She knocked on the door lightly.She heard someone come up to the door,pause for a second then unlock and open the door.
"He's in Lindsay's room." Lydia told her.
"Thanks!" she said as she rushed past her and headed towards Lindsay's door at the end of the hallway.
She finally reached the door.It felt like she had been running forever down the hallway.
She reached for the doorknob and slowly opened the door.She saw the light pink wall of her daughter's room appear.
She stuck her head around the door to see what was going on in the room.
What she saw made her smile.She saw the 2 people that she loved the most in the world.
Lindsaywas on Ryan's lap and they were both sitting in the rocking chair.Both were fast asleep.
She quietly stepped into the room and shut the door,trying not to wake them up.
She tip-toed over to Ryan and Lindsay.She bent down next to the rocking chair.
She looked at them and smiled again.But her smile faded for a moment.
Without trying to wake up Ryan or Lindsay,she gently pulled up the sleeve of Ryan's left arm.She saw all the scars the cutting had left on him.
She gently ran her fingers over his scars.She was happy,somewhat, to see that there were no fresh wounds from today.
She put his sleeve back in place.She picked up Lindsay and put her in her bed.
She tucked her in and gave her a kiss.As she was leaning back up,she saw a picture.
It was of her and Lindsay.Above the picture and below it also, were the words 'Like Mother,Like Daughter!'
She remembered that day.It was when Ryan,Bam, and the guys went to Europe with the Viva La Bam cast and crew.
Ryan wanted to stay in West Chester,because he wanted to stay with Alexia,who had 2 weeks off from her singing career, and Lindsay.
But since Ashley,Dico,Rake,Novak, and Glomb didn't go,it just left Bam,Tim O' Conner,Raab,April,Phil, and Vito.The MTV crew said they needed more of Bam's friends to make it funnier.
So Ryan had to go.Alexia hung out with Lindsay for the 2 weeks she was off.She had taken her to an amusement park, 2 cities over.
They had a picture taken to remember that day.Alexia had 2 made:1 for her and 1 for Lindsay.
Alexia walked back over to Ryan.She was thinking about whether or not to get a blanket for Ryan,when his eyes slowly opened as he woke up...


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